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Goldtooth Creative Recruiting VFX Supervisor, 3D Maya Generalist, NUKE Compositor, Senior Technical/Creature Rigger, Cinema 4D Studio Artist & Lighting TD

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VFX Supervisor (contract July to September 2013)

Goldtooth Creative Agency is looking for a VFX Supervisor for a contract from July to September 2013


Minimum of 5+ years recent VFX post-production experience
Solid previous experience as CG or 2D Supervisor and most recently VFXSupervisor experience on previous major projects.
Creative eye and aesthetic judgement with a deep understanding of composition,cinematic design and animation timing.
Must have vast understanding of anatomy, rigging, cg lighting, rendering, compositing. Should have an eye for animation and FX work as well.
On-set supervision experience.
Ability to work to and meet strict deadlines often under pressure.
Excellent communication, organization skills, management experience
Expert in industry standard software packages such as Maya, and Nuke.
Proven team leader with strong motivational qualities.
Technically and creatively astute.


Performing tasks associated with lighting, shading and rendering processes.
Managing a production team of 3d artists within established timeframes.
Assigning tasks, tutoring, creative and technical coaching of team members.
Supervising and reviewing the work of team members.
Qualified applicants needs to be Canadian or have a valid work permit already in place or have PR status and can apply to

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3D Maya Generalist: Senior

We are currently seeking an individual who is a well-rounded 3D Maya artist with 5+ years professional experience in multiple areas of production. Whether it is modeling an object, rigging it for animation, or lighting a scene, you have general knowledge in all the following areas: Photo-realistic rendering, basic Modeling, Texturing, Colour/Lighting (HDRI), and basic Compositing.


Work with Supervisors to collate necessary information to proceed with briefs.
Engage in pre-production reference gathering before starting work
Work directly on assets or shots in order to deliver a final lit and rendered shot
Advanced skills in: asset creation, Camera work, Lighting, Shaders, Rigging, Character
Animation, Render set up, and Compositing
You must be comfortable with the Artistic and Technical aspects of CG

You are responsible for handling general 3d tasks
You possess a broad knowledge-base that covers the Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Lighting and Rendering
You are a highly motivated and committed individual who can give and take creative direction
Pro-active and Team oriented


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in the CG field.
Knowledge of Maya, Zbrush, Nuke and MentalRay.
Knowledge of the principles of 3D animation, Rigging, FX, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Shading, Rendering
You must supply a shot breakdown explaining your participation in the project you provide

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Senior NUKE Compositor

You have an excellent working knowledge of Nuke. Good artistic and design skills and a good eye for composition, colour space, as well as technical knowledge of lighting interactions and photography. You are responsible for creation, revision, maintenance and support of the layered elements of rendered shots, and willing to respond to guidance and review notes from the director. You possess the ability to work through challenging shots with solutions for final delivery. You are have a good eye for colour and timing. Use reference footage of real world phenomena or film-library reference to guide the development of a particular shot. Open and interested in discussing shots with other members of your team including juniors/prep artists.


Know and master Nuke and NukeX
Experience with live action and photo-real CG projects
Thrive in a deadline-driven environment
Enthusiastic, with an excellent work ethic
Ability to complete entire shots alone or working within a team
Must be a team player and able to take direction positively


Keying, 3D integration, camera projection, colour correction, time re-mapping, roto, etc
Create and maintain clean, organized, templates, FX pre-sets and efficient scripts
2D and 3D tracking and stabilization
Exercise close attention to detail


Advanced knowledge of NUKE demonstrated in your portfolio
3-5 years of work related experience
Eye for photo-realism
Maya knowledge a plus
Stereoscopic experience a plus
Proficiency with Python a plus
On-set supervision experience an asset

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Senior Technical/Creature Rigger

Goldtooth Creative is currently looking to expand its CG team with an experienced Senior Technical/Creature Rigger. The Senior Creature Rigger builds skeletal systems and animation controls for digital creatures. Rigging requires a thorough understanding of anatomy and expression, our riggers work closely with animators to build controls that support a range of poses and behaviours. Scripting is often used to construct intricate controls and rigs, so solid programming or scripting skills are essential. Riggers are responsible for creation, revision, maintenance and support of all Rigs.


Expert knowledge of Maya rigging tools including joint and skeleton creation, skinning and weighting, IK setup, blend-shapes, and deformers
Experience with facial animation setups and controls in order to develop and maintain realistic facial and character rigs


Responsible for character rigs and character skinning
Produce custom rigs for bipeds and quadrupeds
Integration of hair, cloth and muscle
Rig Troubleshooting and optimization
Assist in building and maintenance of the Rigging Pipeline
Work with programmers to deliver tools to help rigging and skinning processes
Work with the Animation and other Departments to ensure successful project completion
Contribute key knowledge to the Development of various Python and Mel Tools for our animation pipeline including GUI and tool-sets to improve the efficiency of rigging pipeline and processes throughout the life of the project
Demonstrate initiative and problem-solving skills in regard to rigging techniques
Work with teams to ensure successful hand-off


Degree in computer animation, or experience in the CG field, and/or a combination of both
3-5 years experience in CG animation for film, television or games
Fluent knowledge of Maya required, plus at least one other major 3D software package (3DS Max knowledge an asset)
Proficiency with Python and at least one other scripting language
Possesses initiative and strong problem-solving skills
Must have good communication and verbal skills
Must be open to direction and able to embrace change
Must be able to work within a team environment
Comments or questions are welcome.

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Cinema 4D Studio Artist

Do you have a passion for the CG industry and are you multi-disciplined? Do you have experience in Modeling, Animating, Lighting and Texturing? Our position requires a diverse skill-set and is responsible for all work created using Cinema 4D Studio. If this describes you, Goldtooth Creative wants to hear from you!


your modelling demonstrates experience in building props, sets, and characters
your first-class character animation skills transform the vision of the Director into the motivation behind the characters
your lighting creating a sense of volume, mood, and drama
as a supporting element of the scene, your texturing creates a sense of interest emphasizing the features and details of the piece
you consistently produce and create high quality assets to fulfill the requirements of the project’s functional, artistic, and technical specifications
you continuously and proactively seek input and feedback from the Director on matters of style and mood


BFA or equivalent education/experience from a recognized Institution
a minimum of 3 – 4 years of experience preferred and your demo reel demonstrates your excellent organic modeling, animating, lighting and texturing skills
must be proficient in Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator
mastery of, or proficient in all; Animating, Low-Poly and High-Poly Organic Modeling, UV Mapping, photo-realistic Texturing, photo-realistic Lighting
demonstrated ability to create, match, and/or improve visual style of content
excellent attention to detail and proven ability to work from visual reference materials
must thrive in a deadline driven environment with a proven track record of working through challenging, projects producing good solutions for final delivery with an excellent eye for detail
proven enthusiastic, team player with an excellent work ethic
a highly motivated, committed and willing individual who responds openly to giving and receiving creative guidance and direction to others, including a Supervisor
flexible with an openness and willingness to discuss and involve other members of your team including juniors/artists in project matters

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Senior Lighting TD


Minimum 5 years of similar experience in the VFX industry
Strong sense of light and shadow demonstrated by artwork, photography, film or CG work
Strong knowledge of color theory
Ability to follow design reference and understanding of composition and the ability to enhance mood by lighting
Ability to light characters and environments, interior and exterior, different times of day etc.
Good working knowledge of computer animation packages, especially Maya
Good working knowledge of 2D paint software and rendering programs such as Mental Ray
Experience and knowledge with palettes and CLUTs
Ability to do UV mapping
Ability to problem solve with little direction, and work effectively in a team
Experience being a team leader in lighting
Demonstrated ability to deliver on schedule and work under pressure
Demonstrated ability to plan and execute complex 3D lighting scenes including working with layers and passes, doing complex comps and optimizing scenes and renders
Working experience with compositing software such as Nuke, After Effects, Shake etc.
Proven skills in technical problem solving
Valid work visa or Canadian citizenship as the studio needs for the successful applicant to work in our studio for this contract

Qualified applicants can apply to

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