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Guerrilla Games Recruiting Senior Character Artist

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Senior Character Artist

Guerrilla is looking for Character Artists of all levels, who are focused and understand game development, who can work within an established art direction, and who can appreciate how their work relates to the vision and needs of the game.
We want individuals with broad skillsets who understand that character work does not end in zBrush, and who can texture, shade, light and articulate just as well as they can sculpt. We need people who want to be video game character artists, who are not intimidated by the technical and often fiddly side of game character production, and who are willing to undertake a wide variety of challenges related to game characters.
Drive and attitude is important, and we want individuals who constantly push themselves to improve; who see every task and another opportunity to learn.


We want to hear from you if:

• You have some skill in every aspect of character creation, from start to finish – We want to see portfolios with characters that have been totally completed to your satisfaction. Specifically you will need to:

o Understand surfacing, can create fantastic textures and can author materials.
o Have an appreciation of rigging and articulation, including how topology can influence deformation.
o Know how to build game meshes that can exactly reproduce the source material, but which are light on resources and performance.
o Know your anatomy inside and out.
o Be a great sculptor, who can work in any style – real or expressive, hard-surface or organic.
• You have a realistic appraisal of your own strengths and weaknesses, and you’re constantly striving to improve. You keep abreast of all the latest technology, workflow tips and tools.
• You can work to specification and to schedule, in an existing pipeline, and equally work on minimal instruction if provided.
• You’re open to and will act on criticism and feedback. You can take, understand and apply art direction, even if you might not personally agree. You’re not averse to returning to something you’d considered completed, for instance, if a colleague or supervisor gives feedback.
• You’re open to working in a production pipeline that makes heavy use of freelancers and subcontractors – and can work on or with assets that have been produced by external vendors. You appreciate how and why studios use subcontracting.
• You have a solid understanding of game design principles, and an appreciation of how character art decisions can affect both playability and design production.
• You’re high on initiative, have great written and verbal communication skills, and know how to manage your time effectively.

Advice on applications

We review countless applications. Follow these golden rules when submitting a portfolio:
Start with your best and most recent work;
Only include material that you’re confident will impress us;
Focus on the discipline you’re applying for. If you’re a character artist you need to show us characters. Only include other work if it’s relevant;
Make sure it’s presented in a format which is easy to access and read;
Remember that this is a games development position. Work examples in games and game engines are more valuable to us.

Please note: Applications should be supported with a relevant portfolio.

Apply here:-
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