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Hinge Digital LLC Recruiting Lighting TD

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Lighting TD needed

Hinge Digital LLC

JOB DESCRIPTION: Technical Director – Lighting

Job Summary

The Lighting Technical Director is primarily responsible for creating lit environments and elements for both live action integration and fully CG imagery. Lighting TDs also work in the following general areas: lighting model development including HDR image based lighting, material property development, texture coordinate application, hair and fur application, texture map painting, and compositing.
The TD is responsible for creation and support of digital assets and rendered elements, responding to guidance and review notes from the director as well as creative and technical supervisors. All deliverables must meet standards and specifications with respect to appearance and aesthetics, pipeline compliance and performance.


· Work under the direction of the Visual Effects Supervisor to develop lighting models that realize the determined production aesthetic.
· Maintain quality standards ensuring image quality, efficient lighting models, and pipeline integration.
· Develop sophisticated lighting schemes that emulate realistic or fantastic visual properties.
· Work proactively to solve technical and artistic issues.
· Ensure that all work is of the highest quality possible.
· Facilitate open communication with production staff and management.
· Adhere to schedules determined by production management.


Demonstrated proficiency using Maya, Mentalray, Vray, Iray, PTGui, Photoshop. Proficiency in Nuke, After Effects, Mari, Katana and Arnold is desirable.
Bachelor’s degree in fine and/or digital art is highly desirable.
Excellent understanding of form, surface texture, material qualities and their reaction to light.
A solid foundation in composition, visual perception, and color theory.
Ability to digitally sculpt, paint, unwrap, and texture.
Demonstrated knowledge of photo-realistic 3D shader development and lighting techniques.
Ability to match physical properties of reference imagery.
Ability to optimize render settings to generate high quality renders with low render times.
Strong artistic eye and ability to adapt to a variety of aesthetic styles.
Ability to proactively address and solve technical and artistic issues.
Ability to learn and use new software as needed.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills, enabling effective work in a team setting.
Ability to implement changes based on input from multiple sources.
Excellent organizational and time management skills.
Ability to multi-task, work under pressure, and hit deadlines in an effective and efficient manner.

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Hinge Digital LLC Recruiting Lighting TD, Hinge Digital LLC Recruiting, Hinge Digital LLC,vfx, vfx jobs, 3d jobs, jobs, Hinge Digital LLC hiring, Hinge Digital LLC career, 3d, cg, Lighting TD