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We will be MASS HIRING for an upcoming feature film project.
Please note that this is on a Project basis contract for a duration of 6 – 9 months.
We need:
– Nuke / AE artists
– Generalists
– Match Movers
– Riggers
– Texture Artists
– Modellers
– Animators
– Effect Artists
– Rotoscope Artists
– Background Prep Artists
– Matte Painters
– Production Assistants
– Effects TD
– Lighting TD
– Render TD
P/S: Knowledge in Stereoscopic is an added advantage and is highly desirable.
Send in your resume to before 31st of July 2013.


  • Alex

    where is the project based?

  • Nick Petch

    Nick Petch – Nuke Compositor – Email Sent – Chat soon!! :)

  • Tor Andreassen

    Nuke Compositor, email sent.
    Hope to talk soon. have a great weekend!