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Hydraulx VFX (Vancouver) is hiring an Animator Artist to start immediately!

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About us:

Hydraulx is a uniquely designed and operated award-winning visual effects facility based in LA, California with branches in Vancouver, BC and New Orleans. As a full service visual effects house, Hydraulx has had the versatility to provide high quality visual effects on such projects as: Stranger Things(2017), X-men: Apocalypse(2017), The Avengers (2012), and Avatar (2009).


Bachelor’s degree in film, art, communications or related field preferred.
3+ years proven production experience in established VFX facility.
Demonstrated experience in highly technical, dynamic departments is a must.

Skills should include:

Deep understanding of character/creature animation
Proficiency in rotomation
Proficiency in animation of 3D characters and objects
Proficiency in completing Previs work

Apply by Email:

· Please submit your resume and demo reels (e.g. student work, personal work or project work), ensure there is a detailed description of your work.
· Please include rate history and availability.

Job Location: Vancouver, Canada

* Must be a BC resident, and must be eligible to work in Canada

Please note, due to a high volume of applications, we cannot respond to every applicant.
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