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Ilion Animation Studios Recruiting Characters FX Supervisor

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Characters FX Supervisor

Department: Characters FX


Works closely with the VFX Supervisor and CG Supervisors to establish the working methodology of the CFX Department on the assigned show.
Works hand to hand with Production bidding sequences, creating schedules, follow ups, department quota, etc. and chooses best techniques for the effects.
Responsible of setting the elements of the characters that can be solved by simulations.
Responsible of the technical developments needed to execute the work of the department and collaborate with the CG Supervisors/Character Technical Supervisor to include these developments in the studio pipeline.
Collaborates with Animation Leads and Rigging Supervisor to find the most appropriate solution to produce CFX simulations on shots.
Supervises a varied and highly skilled team of CFX artists and TDs, including groomers, cloth TDs, technical animators and character development artists.
Distribute the work to his team according to the production schedule, ensuring that it will be finished on time and with the standard of quality required.
Approves all the shots before VFX Supervisor/Animation Director checks them.
Attends Direction reviews.
Reports to CG Supervisor/Character Technical Director and VFX Supervisor

Main responsibilities

Create and deliver show specific CFX solutions for characters either in asset production and shots in a timely manner
Communicate the technical methodology of CFX to the production crew
Leads and provides feedback to CFX artists on shots, request fixes, provide final approval before showing to VFX Supervisor


5 years of experience as a Supervisor or at least 10 years as Lead CFX Artists experience.
Experience of 5 or more years in animation features
Deep knowledge of CG CFX with software Maya and Houdini
Deep knowledge of hair/fur systems (preferably Yeti), dynamic skinning, muscle/fat simulations and cloth
Experience in character development including hair shading and painting.
Fluency programming in scripting language: MEL, Python.
C/C++ programming knowledge will be given special consideration.
Experience building new pipelines.
Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

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