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Ilion Animation Studios Recruiting Crowd Simulation Lead

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Crowd Simulation Lead

Category: Other
Company: Ilion Animation Studios
Location: Madrid (Spain)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Ilion is seeking an experienced Lead TD with a background in simulation and pipeline development experience to be the key designer and integrator of a crowd simulation system within our existing production pipeline. The successful applicant will evaluate software tools such as Goalem Crowd, Houdini and Maya to outline a production workflow for simulated or animated crowd elements, and will work closely with the Character Supervisor, R&D, and other production departments towards integration of the technology within our existing pipeline.

Main responsibilities

Evaluate Software to determine the best approach to designing and directing crowd, with a strong emphasis on creative directable control.
Works closely with the R&D staff to develop software support tools and assist with integration tasks, particularly with Arnold, our renderer.
Works with character rigging and related character development departments to develop special character rigs that can be feed into the developed crowd pipeline, and visualized by the thousands in real-time.
Communicates with related departments such as animation on the necessary cycles needed to transition between various behaviors.
Communicates with production management to coordinate proper scheduling of all support departments and sub-processes required to feed a crowd pipeline, such as proxy rig development, character cycles & materials development, etc..
Works on production sequences / shots to produce crowd animation for anywhere from several to several thousand people, animals using the developed crowd framework.
The crowd simulation lead must be something of a generalist as their job may involve aspects of modeling, rigging, layout, animation, and scripting.


4+ years of high end Fx (or related) technical direction experience on feature films or commercial visual FX.
2+ years of technical lead experience in CG animation or feature film visual FX.
Strong proficiency with Maya, and Houdini (Goalem, Massive, miArmy is a plus).
Strong proficiency with scripting languages, (i.e. Maya Mel, Python, etc.) C/C++ is a plus.
Strong communication, and organizational skills. Ability to work effectively with various levels of creative, and production management people.

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