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Ilion Animation Studios Recruiting Matte Senior Artist & Character FX Artist

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Matte Senior Artist

Department: Matte


The matte painter is responsible for working with the Art Director, Modeling Supervisor, Lighting Supervisor and Production Designer, to create 2D background mattes or projection artwork for geometry / paintings / plates for a 3D animated feature film.

Main responsibilities

• To create the 2D painted backgrounds required to complete any 3D environments, sets or scenes on the film, while working with the design and modeling departments
• To troubleshoot and use talents to create visually stunning backgrounds which match and marry to the film’s style and 3D requirements, using direction giving by the Art Director and Production Designer.
• Introduce innovative ideas through his/her work creating matte paintings for the production, which work with the film’s goals, and in 3D animation.


• Experience of 5 or more years in animation film, as matte painter.
• Strong skills in painting, drawing, composition, color matching.
• Basic computer literacy, extensive skills in Photoshop.
• Knowledge of 3D software.
• Painting (photorealism).
• Ability to create matte paintings stylistically and / or photo realistically using 2D and 3D applications.
• Ability to integrate illustration with existing 3D environments.
• Ability to follow directions and complete tasks independently while working within the framework of a team.
• Must be receptive to art direction and perform well within a collaborative team environment.
• Must be responsive to deadlines and work well under pressure.

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Character FX Artist

Department: Characters FX


Ilion Studios is seeking a Character Cloth & Hair Simulation Artist to create and finalize the characters hairstyle, shading and shot cloth simulations.

Main responsibilities

Creates hairstyles, shading and hair simulations
Creates cloth simulation rigs and cloth simulations
Creates cloth and hair simulations for shot work in production
Develops generalized tools to help enhance the pipeline
May be called upon to mentor junior members of the team


Strong knowledge of Maya
Experience in cloth simulation (Ncloth, Syflex, Qualoth)
Experience in hair tools (Shave and Haircut, Maya Hair, Houdini)
Knowledge of Python or Mel scripting is a must
Proven production experience
Character modeling or simulation background is a plus
Good problem-solving abilities and artistic vision
Work within art direction guidelines
Good oral and written English language communication skills

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