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Image Engine Recruiting Compositors

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Compositors (mid, Senior)

Start date: June/ July
Project: Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie

Are you interested in working for a growing, independent, award winning studio? This opportunity involves working in a strong, R&D supported pipeline, a friendly and collaborative environment, and with a group of passionate artists all working towards realizing the Director’s dream.


Work primarily with Compositing Supervisor/ leads to effectively solve compositing challenges within the pipeline
Composite multiple types of shots (live action footage, digital still photography, rendered cg elements and digital paint) to create believable environments that are to be seamlessly integrated into the film
Work with production and supervisor team to understand and manage schedules and shot deadlines
Engage in solutions for technical problems that may arise in a shot, sequence or with a film format
Work with compositing team to maintain continuity and consistent performance within a show
Work closely with lighters and matte painters to finish shots so that computer generated elements are seamlessly integrated with live-action plates
Accurately address critique and comments from supervisors, and ensure that revisions are completed in a timely manner


3 – 5+ years experience compositing VFX for films/ commercials
Expert knowledge and demonstrated work experience in Nuke (ie. assemble cg passes, cleanup, keying, roto)
Must have a demonstrated eye for subtle details
Able to give stylistic direction to improve a shot when required
Demonstrated expert knowledge of compositing workflow and the compositing application interface
Good understanding of photography and film and how the interactions of light, lenses and film emulsions go to make up the image
Able to composite multiple types of shots from simple to difficult with a minimum of supervision based on level
Strong aptitude for technical workflow challenges such as directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies, etc.
Excellent problem solver who can focus on detail, while maintaining the whole picture
Experience with complex matte extractions and motion tracking is a plus
Python scripting is desirable


E-mail your resume and a link to a reel and breakdown to The subject should read “Compositor (level) – your name”.
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