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Image Engine Recruiting Lead FX TD

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Lead FX TD

Contract: starting January/February, 2015

Are you interested in working for a growing, independent, award winning studio? This opportunity involves working in a strong, R&D supported pipeline, a friendly and collaborative environment, and with a group of passionate artists all working towards realizing the Director’s dream.


The FX Lead must assume responsibility for delivering all the FX work for the film, and more specifically:

Communicate the creative brief and real-world references from the VFX Supervisor and Director to the FX team
Determine the broad technical and creative approach, in conjunction with the CG Supervisor
Overcome technical issues (day to day problem solving), in conjunction with R&D and the CG Supervisor
Break down the work into smaller and more manageable challenges, then plan and prioritize how to tackle them
Work with our production team to most effectively schedule the work, including casting the work to the strengths of the individuals in the FX team
Work with production and supervisors to accurately estimate the time required for all the FX work on the show
Receive creative feedback from the VFX Supervisor and Director, and translate those into more specific and technical notes for the FX team
Communicate well with all members of the FX, Production and Supervision teams
Assist members of the FX team to learn and grow their skills to meet their career aspirations
Work with R&D and the leads and supervisors of other shows to guide the overall approach to FX work at Image Engine
Maintain sufficient hands-on experience to be able to assist with shot work from time to time, and keep up their skills


Expert knowledge and demonstrated work experience in Houdini
Strong aptitude for technical workflow challenges such as directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies, etc.
Excellent problem solver who can focus on detail, while maintaining the whole picture
HScript is a minimum requirement, python scripting preferred
Python scripting, C++ and RenderMan shader coding is a bonus
Experience with other solvers and simulation tools (e.g. Naiad, realflow, Bullet, Blastcode, etc) is a bonus
The FX Lead should have experience leading medium to large size teams (i.e. 6+ people) on large projects (300+ shots).


If this role is for you, e-mail your resume, and a link to a reel and breakdown to The subject should read “Lead FX TD – your name”.
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