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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting 3D Generalist

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3D Generalist (Environments)

Category: 3D Generalist
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Singapore

Generalists are responsible for creating photo-real environment scenes and landscapes that integrate seamlessly with plate photography. Successful candidates display a high proficiency in some and a varied skill level across the areas of model, texture, shading, look development, basic hard surface animation and the ability to composite their own work. Candidates that demonstrate themselves to be exceptional in only one area will still be considered as long as they have some experience in all others and are willing to learn.
Generalists work both individually and within a large team environment, with tasks ranging from completing everything on a small number of shots to working on specific tasks within a larger body of work.
Senior 3D Generalists will also demonstrate the ability to break down complex VFX shot work into achievable workflows using a variety of off-the-shelf plug-ins and scripts. As such, a strong technical background with the ability to modify and/or create scripts to develop workflows is key to their success.



Degree and/or 5-8 relevant experience in a VFX environment either in commercials, TV or features
Previous experience in creating digital environments for feature films is strongly preferred

Required Skills/Duties + Responsibilities

Proven artistic ability across multiple CG disciplines including modeling, texturing, lighting, shading / look development, or compositing.
Strong communicator that requires minimal guidance in the execution of VFX Tasks.
Lead creation of outstanding artwork within a shot, using various software programs
Maintain or exceed a consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work
May train, mentor or supervise the work of entry, mid and mid-high level generalist artists at the discretion of the Department Supervisor
Attend dailies and participate in creative problem solving

Technical Skills

Fluent in Photoshop
Fluent in 3dsmax, Maya or similar
Fluent in Vray, Mray or similar ray trace renderer
Knowledge of maxscript and/or python
Comparable software experience also considered

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