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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Creature TD & Associate Pipeline Technical Director

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Creature TD

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver
Location: Offsite Van
State: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
Benefited/Non-Benefited: N/A
Salary/Hourly: Salaried with Premium Pay

Job Description

Creature TDs are responsible for setting up and running flesh-surface, hair, cloth, rigid body simulations as well as able to wrangle rigging and creature pipeline issues proficiently under the direction and guidance of their supervisors.
Set up and run proprietary cloth, hair, flesh surfaces and rigid body simulations.
Hero-creature enveloping using a combination of commercial software packages and proprietary tools.
Run flesh-volume simulations.
Wrangle creature rigging issues for artists in other disciplines.
Basic proficiency in another discipline: modeling, viewpaint, TD, or animation.
Mentor entry level artists.
Script utilities/tools/plug-ins in various software packages.
Create dynamic simulations in packages such as Maya/XSI.
Wrangle creature pipeline issues for artists in other disciplines.
MOCAP data re-targeting in XSI/Maya.
Act as wrangler for a creature and/or a specific technique used across multiple creatures.


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer Visualization, or Computer Animation required.
At least 3 years work experience required in 3D CGI for digital animation, visual effects or producing CG characters and creatures for visual media.
Proficiency with Linux is required.
Expertise with Maya and/or other high-end animation software is required.
Experience with C++, MEL, Python, or other scripting languages is desirable.
Feature Film experience required.
Experience in corrective sculpting. Knowledge of anatomy and enveloping.
A reel demonstrating artistic and technical ability is required for this role.

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Associate Pipeline Technical Director

Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: Letterman Digital Arts Center
State: California
City: San Francisco
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Hourly

Job Description

The Associate Pipeline TD is responsible for developing and maintaining software tools, providing front-line support to artists, and general troubleshooting of the CG pipeline in a fast-paced, feature film visual effects production environment. The primary focus is ensuring artist efficiency. Receives day-to-day direction and priorities from show CG Supervisor; reports to R&D supervisor for technical and career guidance.
Develop pipeline and asset management tools to meet immediate, show-directed production demands, ensuring facility-wide consistency as directed by show and technical supervisors. Help maintain a wide array of existing workflows and scripts.
Provide front-line production support across a wide range of disciplines, troubleshoot assets and shots, and help artists with general problem-solving. Monitor email requests, package up problems and redirect to appropriate engineering team.
Test and validate tools and techniques in production. Work closely with engineering teams in testing, and releasing new and modified software systems.
Act as an on-call resource for show production staff.
Collaborate effectively with artists, production supervisors, and technical staff across ILM studios in San Francisco, Vancouver, Singapore, and London.
When not crewed to shows, serve on software teams working on projects that improve the efficiency of asset setup, caching, and shot-data handoff between artists across the entire pipeline.
Take direction from show supervisors to determine day-to-day and hour-to-hour priorities.
Work primarily on workflow tools, requiring introductory understanding of the larger pipeline.
Provide front-line support and gather information about artist problems and obstacles; resolve user errors; connect artists with deeper problems to appropriate technical support.
Develop basic knowledge of software, systems, and standards and conventions used in production.
Update documentation for the pipeline and tools to reflect any changes that are made.



Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science or a related technical field.
Demonstrated experience developing and maintaining tools for use in a computer graphics environment.

Required Skills / Competencies:

Proficiency in Linux.
Strong Python scripting required.
Ability to communicate cross-discipline and provide innovative solutions to pipeline issues.
Detail oriented and strong self-sufficient trouble shooter.

Preferred Skills / Competencies:

Introductory knowledge of visual effects or feature animation pipeline
2D/3D CG software applications: Maya, Mari, Houdini, Katana, Nuke, RenderMan, etc.
Experience with production database systems
Experience with C, C++
Experience with Windows development and applications such as 3ds max a plus.

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