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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Generalist Engineer

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Generalist Engineer

Category: Other
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: San Francisco (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Lucasfilm

The Lucasfilm Advanced Development Group (ADG) is looking for a Generalist Engineer to join our team.
ADG develops tools and techniques for high-quality computer graphics and simulation. Our goal is to expand and enhance the process of creative storytelling in the Star Wars universe through real-time rendering of visuals that approach motion picture quality.
As a Generalist engineer within ADG you will play a key role in developing and supporting the features that content creators use to deliver their vision. Working across a diverse range of areas such as rendering, AI, audio, editors, input devices, tools, and pipelines, you will prototype new ideas, troubleshoot existing systems, and play a key role in leveraging our technology for creative endeavors.


• Develop and support game and engine systems.
• Rapidly prototype new ideas and concepts.
• Design, create, refine, and debug and systems, features, tools and infrastructure as needed.
• Support content creators and other customers of ADG technology.
• Pro-actively identify and address areas for improved user experiences.
• Plan and manage tasks and schedules effectively.
• Collaborate with other engineers to form a highly productive team.


• Good knowledge of C#/C/C++
• Proficient with 3D math including linear algebra.
• Familiarity with data structures, algorithms performance, and parallel processing techniques.
• Self-motivated individual with excellent problem solving skills
• Experienced working with and maintaining large codebases
Preferred Experience:
• Good knowledge of Python
• Familiarity with AI, Networking, Physics, Animation
• Familiarity with DCC packages such as Maya
• 3+ years of prior experience of game development
• Contributed to the development of shipped console games

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