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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Hard Surface Modeler & VFX Producer

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Hard Surface Modeler

Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: Letterman Digital Arts Center
State: California
City: San Francisco
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Hourly

Job Description

The Hard Surface Modeler creates three dimensional objects to be painted, animated and used in a production with an emphasis on proportion, form, detail, and functionality.
Creates three-dimensional hard surface models like mechanical objects, environments, and props for the Animator, Painter, and Technical Director.
Employs specific software tools to build the geometric structure of the object and ensures that the model will satisfy the requirements of the production.
In building an object, the modeler must incorporate technical expertise, artistic ability, an understanding of mechanisms, and a basic understanding of animation.
Works with production team (Sr. Modeler, Technical Directors, Painters and Animators) to determine the look for an object.
Builds the geometry of computer graphic models, with an understanding of how the geometry will be used in the production process.
Performs other tasks related to the creation of computer-generated animation.


Bachelor’s degree in Architectural/Industrial Design or equivalent.
Strong sense of surface development, proportion, and mechanical functionality. Traditional model building a plus.
Proven experience creating inorganic objects in a feature film or production environment.
Requires familiarity with film and video post production techniques and with computer graphic techniques.
2-3 years polygon/subd modeling experience. Knowledge of Linux is a necessity to navigate through ILMs production pipeline.
Texture painting and UV layout experience desirable.
Sketching, drawing, painting and design skills desirable.
Experimentation with animation or advanced rendering a plus.
Uses a computer keyboard at least 75% of total work time.

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VFX Producer

Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: Letterman Digital Arts Center
State: California
City: San Francisco
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Salary

Job Description

The Producer partners with the Visual Effects Supervisor and Animation Director to lead the crew in fulfilling the Director’s vision — on time and on budget, while maintaining highest quality of work. Primary responsibility is budget and schedule, in collaboration with the Client and ILM Management; and for managing overall Client relationship.

• Meet with clients to review scripts, breakdowns and storyboards for a specific project.
• Partner with Key Creatives to develop the approach for creating the effects work and provide clients with estimates of budget & schedule requirements needed to complete the work.
• Prepare bid letter, key dates schedule, and assumptions for the work of a specific project.
• During production, serve as principal client contact for non-creative issues, tracking and reporting progress of work, budgeting and negotiating cost of work, and delivering cost/schedule changes to ensure client is updated as needed.
• Create, organize, and maintain overall project schedule.
• Manage crew performance. Supervise assigned production staff.
• Estimate project budgets and initiate cost controls for each production.
• Evaluate EFC and work with production accountants to provide management with early, consistent, and accurate EFC reporting.
• Participate and oversee work on-set as required.
• Play a proactive key role in marketing ILM’s services to the industry.
• Share responsibility for the success of the entire ILM portfolio by proactively managing schedule; utilizing ILM’s global resources and 3rd party partners, where appropriate.

Additional Notes:

• The role will likely require weekend work depending on show schedules
• The role may also require:

o travel for client meetings and/or plate shoots
o work on the same schedule as first or second unit production


Bachelor’s degree in Film or related field or equivalent work experience required.
Five years work experience in production management to include strong working knowledge of Visual Effects techniques and terminology.
Proficiency in Macs/PCs including Microsoft Word and Excel.
Must possess very strong organizational and communication skills and be able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner while meeting deadlines.

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