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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting InfoSys Front End Developer

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InfoSys Front End Developer

Category: Other
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: San Francisco (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Industrial Light & Magic

Do you want to build next-generation web applications for Lucasfilm and ILM? As a Front End Developer for Information Systems (InfoSys) you will specialize in building robust cross platform web applications that enable Lucasfilm and ILM’s global studios to efficiently create movies and TV shows.
The breadth of the InfoSys portfolio of applications ranges from proprietary enterprise applications to global production tracking and digital asset management software. Front End Developers build new applications as well as support and enhance existing systems. You will interact with a wide range of clients, learn new work flows, and come up with creative solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.
We have a “no arrogance” policy and want to hire awesome people to work in a great department. We value pride and earnestness, idealism and pragmatism, and focusing on the customer as much as the code.
Located at the Lucasfilm Presidio campus, Information Systems exists to support fast moving production companies. You will work with the knowledge that whatever you write will immediately make the job easier for someone down the hall, at Skywalker Ranch, or at one of our global studios in London, Vancouver, or Singapore. You’ll be part of a group that gets along well whether it’s tackling a technical issue, having a walking code review along Crissy Field, or playing a board game at lunch on Friday.

Primary Responsibilities and Accountabilities

(Key duties or essential priorities for fulfilling the job’s purpose)
• Develop front end for multiple high visibility projects.
• Work closely with UI/UX designers, project managers and back-end developers to implement versatile cross platform front-end solutions to challenging problems.
• Unit test all software components.
• Provide guidance to other InfoSys developers on frontend strategies, standards, technology decisions, and usage.
• Enable teams to create a polished and consistent frontend user experience, across all devices/platforms.
• Embrace emerging standards while promoting best practices, and push the limits of what a browser can do.
• Assist fellow developers with maintenance and bug fixing of existing software and/or systems.



• BS in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience.
• 4+ years of experience in software development; in-depth experience developing numerous web-based applications.

Required Skills/Competencies:

• Excellent knowledge and demonstrated experience in web technologies (CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript).
• Demonstrated experience working with the following frameworks: jQuery, AngularJS, backbone.js.
• Experience with design frameworks and methodologies like Material design, Ionic, and Twitter Bootstrap.
• Strong understanding of application architecture and methodologies like MVC, REST.
• Experience with Java / J2EE and Groovy/Grails.
• Ability to communicate to all levels of users (internal and external), strong problem solving skills, adaptable, proactive, and willing to take ownership.

Preferred Skills/Competencies:

• Ability to work in a fast paced environment
• Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
• Strong team player

Technical Skills:

• Linux proficiency
• Version control
• Web servers: Tomcat, Apache, Nginx, uWSGI
• Web security including CSRF and XSS
• Database/SQL/tools: Oracle, PostgreSQL, ORM, Redis, MongoDB, Solr
• Familiarity with virtualization: AWS, VMWare, Docker

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