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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Layout / Matchmove Artist


Layout / Matchmove Artist

Category:   Matchmove
Job Title:   Layout / Matchmove Artist
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location:   Letterman Digital Arts Center
State:             State California
City:               City San Francisco
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Hourly

Job Description

Matchmoving is the replication of the real set, camera and camera move within the computer for later use by animators and technical directors. Each shot in which 3D computer graphics are to be added begins with a matchmove. In the CG Layout process, Camera Matchmoves and original CG camera moves are integrated to create the framework of each Sequence. Often this includes manipulating both 2d and 3d elements, while maintaining accurate camera perspective. In some cases a sequence might be entirely Computer Generated with no live action background elements.

Converts background plates to various formats to use with specific software to create digital motion files that match the plate photography. This includes animating any live action character or relative object in the scene.
Generate 2D Compositing elements, while maintaining the accuracy of camera perspective.
Model the set geometry used to create the matchmove and environment for Animators and Technical Directors.
Light, render and composite files with the background to judge the move.
Originate entirely CG camera animation.
Work with the CG Supervisor and Project Manager when applicable to estimate project schedules in terms of matchmove staffing needs and makes recommendations in the adjustments to the schedules as necessary.
Team acts as a central hub for all shot preparation to ensure continuity and camera accuracy in CG Elements.
Under the direction of the project Supervisors, the Matchmover will setup the technical and aesthetic approaches of the matchmove work for a shot, sequence, or even an entire aspect of a show.
Based on project size, and the nature of the work, the Matchmover may be asked to perform Lead Matchmove duties including, providing leadership, guidance and direction to the matchmove team.
Maintain an expert level of knowledge about current developments in matchmove tools for computer graphics, especially in areas that relate to the film industry.


Ability to reproduce exact camera moves within a computer environment.
Understanding of photography and the effects of different lenses on perspectives.
Typically has experience as an artist, animator or camera operator.
Advanced knowledge of UNIX, Softimage, Maya and/or XSI.
Must have a willingness to learn new tools, proven ability to be detail-oriented and to work efficiently within a production environment.
Excellent problem solving skills including the ability to work under tight deadlines.
Good written and oral communication skills including strong interpersonal skills.
Experience in gathering information on location for Matchmovers.
Uses a computer 80% of work time.

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