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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Mid IS Software Developer

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Mid IS Software Developer

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver
Location: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Salary

Job Description

As a Software Developer for Information Systems (InfoSys) you will work on robust cross platform web applications that enable Lucasfilm and ILM’s global studios to efficiently create movies and TV shows. The breadth of InfoSys applications ranges from proprietary enterprise applications to global production tracking and digital asset management software. Software Developers build new applications, support and enhance existing systems, and integrate 3rd party applications into existing software infrastructure. You will interact with a wide range of clients, learn new work flows, and come up with creative solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.
Information Systems exists to support fast moving production companies and you will work with the knowledge that whatever you write will immediately make the job easier for someone down the hall or at one of our global studios.

This role will be responsible for developing, integrating, and maintaining a Shotgun pipeline across four studios (London, Vancouver, San Francisco and Singapore). This position will work directly with PMs, artists, design, test & engineers to help ensure Shotgun is being executed as optimally as possible within our studio and successfully implement improvements to internal workflows.


Full stack development of robust workflow based applications.
Provide input on architecture of larger applications; build stand alone modules and smaller applications for use by artists and productions within the organization.
Work with Project Managers to implement elegant and user-friendly interfaces for all new modules and/or applications.
Ensure code is developed, deployed, documented and maintained in keeping with IS guidelines. Assist developers from other departments in working with IS data and framework.
Monitor use of existing systems, and suggest strategies to improve health and reduce technical debt.
Actively participate in code reviews, test new concepts and technologies, suggest improvements in technical direction and mentor other members of group in areas of expertise.



Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other technical degree.
5 years experience in professional software development.

Required Skills:

Python fluency (Python 2.6+, Python 3.3+).
Linux proficiency.
Database/SQL experience.
Full stack web development experience.
Excellent interpersonal, communication, and client-facing skills
Able to accommodate occasional domestic and/or international travel

Preferred Skills/Competencies:

Web frameworks: Flask/Bottle, Django, Tornado/Cyclone, Pylons/Pyramid.
JavaScript libraries: jQuery, Backbone, Marionette, Angular, React, Gulp, Mocha, Sinon.JS.
Web servers: Nginx, Apache, uWSGI.
Data stores/tools: Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Redis, MongoDB, Solr.
Tools: Virtualenv, Buildout, py.test, Ansible, Selenium.
Async: Twisted, asyncio.
Virtualization: AWS, VMWare, VirtualBox, Docker.
Experience using Shotgun API and Toolkit at a VFX or Animation studio

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