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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Modeler & VFX Editor

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Category: Modeller
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Singapore

The Modeler uses artistic talent and inspiration and interprets the creative vision of the Producer, Art Director and/or Lead Artist, to create 3D environments, characters, vehicles and any other required models.
Interested in Modelers i.e. Hard Surface and Creature for an Animated Feature.
Responsible for creation of individual model assets, refinement of existing assets and dressing/refinement of environments creating and interpreting the requirements based on Director or supervisor’s input.
Work closely with Producer, Lead Artist, Art Director and other artists on the team to achieve creative objectives, propose the designs and to identify potential problem areas in designs. Work towards solutions that solve the problems while meeting creative and production needs.
Work closely with the rigging and animation departments to create models that move and animate so as to achieve the objectives of the production for artistic values, quality and efficiency.


2-3 Years modeling for game, film, feature animation or episodic TV animation.
Strong Feature Animation modelling background
Excellent 3D modeling skills.
Strong anatomy knowledge for both humans and creatures and good experience sculpting organic forms
Has a solid understanding of posing and anatomy in motion and an excellent artistic eye
. Good eye for detail and basic understanding of animation and rigging.
Good technical knowledge and ability to troubleshoot problems.
Ability to Follow Director’s or Coordinator’s guidance, ensuring models created reflect the creative vision, are accurate and effective for the production needs.
Ability to work well under tight deadlines while maintaining a professional attitude.
Experienced user of Zbrush and Mudbox

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VFX Editor

Category: Editor
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver

The VFX Editor sets up and completes all editorial work as requested from a Senior, Co-Editor or Production on a Feature Project.
Sets up dailies.
Request scans from the client editorial and/or scan facility.
Maintain internal editorial database.
Output sequence movie files, AIFF audio files, and EDLs for CG as specified by production.
Provide visual reference for production, stage, art department, client, etc.
Output JPEG shot frames to Production for storyboarding and Production database use.
Film tasks: print handling, pull and prep wedges and conform workprint reels if required.
Communicate with client editorial: track all stages of the client cuts, internal cuts and iterations.
Responsible for show wrap-up including: layoff of movie files, finals reel, specifying stock neg, etc.
Performs special projects under the supervision of the Senior Editor, production manager or department manager.
Responsible for working with an assistant, mentoring and delegating.


Bachelor’s Degree in Film or related field desired, or equivalent experience.
3+ years experience with Avid Media/Film Composer.
Strong ability to multi-task and meet deadlines while working under tight schedules.
Strong team player with good inter-personal and communication skills.
Extensive knowledge and understanding of codecs (Avid codecs), transcoding and QT formats.
Understanding of traditional film/print/negative.
Final Cut Pro experience a plus.
Experience with shot tracking databases (i.e.: filemaker, shotgun) a plus.
3D Stereo experience a plus.
Command-line environments (ie: Linux) a plus
Understanding/maintaining unity management a plus.
1+ year post-production film experience (e.g., film handling, coding, logging).
1+ year post-production HD tape acquisitions (e.g., timecode, logging, capturing).
Proficient with Avid Media/Film Composer.

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