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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Senior Compositor

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Senior Compositor

Category: Compositor
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver

Senior Compositors are technically proficient and skilled in all aspects of Compositing, needing only minimal direction and guidance from their supervisors and have demonstrated leadership qualities, in addition to: Communication, Aesthetic, Productivity and Efficiency.

Demonstrates ability to work with competency, energy and enthusiasm within a team environment with minimal supervision to execute various complex compositing assignments.
Demonstrates excellent listening and communication skills by openly receiving direction and criticism by asking good questions to confirm clear understanding of the directions and how to approach what needs to be done. Once clear, implements the requested tasks immediately and raises flags right away if a solution is not quickly found or if there are any delays, making sure the Supervisors and Production are kept in the loop and are up-to-date on the status of one’s compositing work at all times.
Demonstrates excellent presentation/communication skills in dailies/shot review by clearly and briefly outlining what has been accomplished and what next should be addressed in the shot assignment.
Demonstrates an excellent eye toward anticipating potential problems and knowing what could look better in terms of one’s compositing assignment.
Demonstrates the ability to prioritize tasks managing time well, providing everyone with accurate time estimates on assignment completion.
Demonstrates excellent people skills; proven ability to deal with various personalities with respect, diplomacy and tact.


Can composite any shot without oversight or direction in comptime or shake
Can work directly with the FX Supe with regards to look & artistic development
Can train people in compositing techniques
Can supervise other compositors on a sequence
Can direct the roto/paint requests for their shots
Can quickly learn new software or techniques
Can provide realistic bids about any shot
Can work with the stage dept to get still elements as directed by the FX Supe
Sets a standard for all Compositors in continually raising the bar of for speed, quality of work and adaptability.

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