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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Senior DevOps Production Engineer

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Senior DevOps Production Engineer

Category: Other
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: San Francisco (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Industrial Light & Magic

The Senior DevOps Production Engineer is responsible for architecting and developing aspects of the VFX production pipeline, creating and deploying core services for use by other engineering teams and throughout the VFX pipeline. They will be active in both leading development projects and mentoring staff and associate production engineers.
The DevOps Production Engineers implement and maintain tools and systems that enable the deployment of software and services across ILM’s locations globally. As well as drawing on traditional VFX software deployment techniques, the team takes advantage of modern DevOps approaches to ensure the availability of application services. These systems provide the core foundation of pipeline services that are essential for the smooth operation of our multi-site, award winning visual effects company.

• Responsible for leading development projects for new services and/or tools
• Communicates with engineers, artists and productions to determine technical requirements and disseminate information regarding project status
• Participates in the activities of the globally distributed production engineering team, including:
– development and support activities
– regular status and planning meetings as time zones permit
– adhere to development best practices and standards defined by Production Engineering Supervisor
• Collaborates closely with PE, IT and R&D teams globally
• Ensures the high availability of configuration management and service deployment systems
• Troubleshoots and improves implementations of open source and in-house frameworks
• Tests and integrates emerging technology related to the provisioning of software and services



• Bachelor’s degree, M.Sc or Ph.D in Computing Science, or equivalent professional experience
• 6-10 years of experience as a professional developer preferably in the visual effects or computer animation industries

Required Competencies:

• A clear and concise communicator: ability to keep end users informed of progress and managers informed of requests
• An effective listener: able to engage with and understand artists to discover what their requirements are
• An effective time manager: must be able to prioritize a multitude of requests and not be afraid to ask for help if the path isn’t clear
• Passionate about delivering rigorous follow-through on assigned tasks
• An agile, flexible and quick thinker: this is an energetic, dynamic environment requiring an ability to adapt to rapidly changing requirements

Required Technical Skills:

• Expert knowledge of Python programming and the Linux environment
• Deep understanding of Revision Control Systems, preferably Perforce and Git
• Adept in configuration management systems such as Salt, CFEngine or Ansible
• Experience with Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform
• Familiarity with SQL databases, such as Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL or MySQL
• Experience creating distributed, scalable systems that are fault tolerant and reliable
• Experience designing and developing asynchronous services using tornado or other frameworks using python
• Experience architecting and developing RESTful APIs

Preferred Skills/Competencies:

• Experience developing and supporting scalable systems
• Experience with NoSQL technologies such as Redis, Cassandra, Elastic Search, or TitanDB
• Familiarity with message queuing systems such as RabbitMQ or Kafka
• Familiarity with service discovery systems and distributed key/value stores such as consul, etcd, or ZooKeeper
• Understanding of storage clusters and network protocols, including TCP and NFS
• Knowledge of the standard python packaging and installation tool-chain
• VFX, Feature Animation or Episodic production experience is a bonus
• Experience with Linux containerization such as Docker
• Familiarity with the configuration and deployment of cluster management systems such as Mesos or Kubernetes
• Linux OS deployment techniques such as PXE and kickstart
• Experience developing on windows is a bonus

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