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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Senior Lighting Technical Director-Look Development

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Senior Lighting Technical Director-Look Development

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Singapore
Location: Singapore
State: Singapore
City: Singapore
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Salary

Job Description

Lighting Technical Directors (TD) work with Artist Supervisors to create the look of computer generated objects and scenes. They are responsible for lighting, shading, rendering, and some compositing. We are looking for an experienced Lighting TD with a strong background in Look Development. Ideally you will have a background working in a similar role on hair/fur.
Look-development of CG assets to be used across shots and sequences
Light and render of photo-real CG elements to integrate with live-action footage under supervisors’ direction
Build and support light rigs, shading setups and composites to be used by other lighters
Develop shot and render passes as needed in collaboration with lead and shot compositors
Submit composited CG render elements for daily reviews to obtain feedback from supervisors
Manage render scenes, light rigs and production assets
Support the lighting and rendering pipeline for shots and sequences
Monitor daily progress of Lighting and render requirements with leads and supervisors
Technically and creatively promote and maintain consistent shot quality and desired look as defined CG and VFX Supervisors


A minimum of 5 years experience required in visual effects.
Thorough understanding of techniques and technologies related to CG rendering and look development
Demo reel demonstrating artistic and technical ability in Lighting & Look Dev

Hair & Fur experience

Feature film experience required
Strong computer programming abilities with Visual Art Skills
Experience working with Katana & Renderman
Knowledge of Zeno would also be advantageous
Sound understanding of production pipelines

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