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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Senior Lighting Technical Director

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Senior Lighting Technical Director

Category: Technical Director
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: San Francisco (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Industrial Light & Magic

Senior Technical Directors are responsible for autonomously lighting, rendering and moderate-level compositing of very complex shots needing only initial direction and guidance from their supervisors.

• Light very complex/multiple creatures (hairy or furry creatures) and elements.
• Can set-up and wrangle heavy particle effects and enormous crowd shots in Prman and Zeno autonomously.
• Can set-up and run extremely complex (hairy or furry creatures) autonomously.
• Excellent pipeline scripting ability.
• Solid compositing ability, can wrangle blue-screen extractions, working knowledge of Nuke.
• Can write plug-ins, set-up sequences, debug simulations and write set up and rman surface shaders with proficiency.
• Can write/hack rman procedural and volumetric shaders as well as MentalRay procedural, volumetric and surface shaders with proficiency.
• Can animate moderate objects with proficiency.
• Excellent knowledge of Renderman and other unbiased rendering systems.
• Needs to know one or more major 3d application – Maya, XSI or Zeno.
• Can pick-up new techniques quickly and easily and can debug just about anything.
• Sets a standard for all Technical Directors in continually raising the bar for speed, quality of work and adaptability.
• Demonstrates ability to work with competency, energy and enthusiasm within a team environment with minimal supervision to complete a shot.
• Demonstrates excellent listening and communication skills by openly receiving direction and criticism by asking good questions to confirm clear understanding of the directions and how to approach what needs to be done. Once clear, implements the requested changes immediately and raises flags right away if a solution is not quickly found or if there are any delays, making sure the Supervisors and Production are kept in the loop and are up-to-date on the status of one’s shot work.
• Demonstrates excellent presentation/communication skills in dailies/shot review by clearly and briefly outlining what has been accomplished and what next should be addressed in the shot.
• Demonstrates the ability to engage in the creative process without ego, and accepts all final decisions with a positive and supportive attitude.
• Demonstrates an excellent eye toward anticipating potential problems and knowing exactly what could look better in one’s shot and an excellent knowledge of how to use the tools to achieve the desired look.
• Demonstrates superb problem-solving skills and takes the initiative to offer ideas and suggestions.
• Demonstrates the ability to prioritize tasks managing time very well, providing everyone with accurate time estimates on shot task completion.
• Demonstrates the ability to help and teach more junior-level artists and lead others on huge shots or small sequences.



• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Graphics (or equiv experience)
• 5+ years experience
• Knowledge of Katana required

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