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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Senior Rendering Engineer

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Senior Rendering Engineer

Category: Other
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: San Francisco (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Lucasfilm

The Lucasfilm Advanced Development Group (ADG) is looking for a Senior Rendering Engineer to join our team.

ADG develops tools and techniques for high-fidelity computer graphics and simulation. Our goal is to expand and enhance creative storytelling in the Star Wars universe through real-time rendering of film-quality imagery. Our work can also be seen powering many of the ILMxLAB immersive experiences.
As a part of ADG you will develop new techniques for real-time rendering, deliver tools and technology that empower storytellers, and collaborate with our sister company, Industrial Light & Magic, to leverage existing knowledge and solutions. You will set new bars for what can be achieved with real-time rendering.


• Investigate, prototype, and implement solutions for high-fidelity rendering in a real-time context.
• Extend and create solutions for lighting, VFX, post-processing
• Provide deep domain expertise in the area of rendering.
• Work with artists to develop and implement their vision.
• Plan and manage tasks and schedules effectively.
• Collaborate with other engineers to form a highly productive team.


Required Skills

• Excellent 3D math skills (linear algebra, vector math)
• Strong graphics background
• Strong knowledge of C/C++ programming languages
• Deep experience of one or more of industry standard graphics APIs (DirectX, OpenGL, Etc)
• Deep experience of shader languages (HLSL/GLSL/Cg)
• Self-motivated individual with excellent problem solving skills

Preferred Experience

• 7+ years of prior experience of coding in the role of Graphics Engineer
• Experience of developing Global Illumination solutions
• Experience with GPGPU or Compute shaders on environments
• Understanding of software-based renderers (e.g. RenderMan, Arnold, Maxwell, V-Ray, etc)
• Experience with DCC tools such as Maya/Max
• Experience of subdivision surfaces

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