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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Senior Texture Artist

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Senior Texture Artist

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver
Location: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Hourly

Job Description

The Senior Texture Artist is responsible for creating the textures, colors, and organic surface qualities needed in the completion of CG creatures and hard-surface models used in production.

Primary Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Works independently and with production team (VFX Supervisor, Texture Supervisor, Look Dev Supervisor) at an advanced level to execute the desired look of complicated CG models, including complex creatures and/or hard surface models, including ships, real world vehicles and environments.
Participates as a team member in determining various design solutions; provides feedback to other members of the production by attending dailies on a regular basis.
Mentors Junior and mid level Artists.
Maintains or exceeds consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work.

Reporting Relationships:

Reports to the Talent Manager, and receives daily oversight and direction from the VFX Supervisors, Texture Supervisors and Look Dev Supervisor.



BA Degree or equivalent work experience; familiarity with film production; computer graphics
5-8 years experience
Demo reel and portfolio illustrating knowledge and experience in painting, illustration or design.

Required Skills/Competencies:

Proficient in Maya, Mari, Zbrush, Photoshop and UV unwrapping tools
Ability to navigate complex pipelines.
Attention to detail.
Ability to learn quickly and assimilate new information.
Good interpersonal and organizational skills.

Preferred Skills/Competencies:

Modeling skills a plus.
Katana/Look Dev knowledge a plus.

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