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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting VFX Art Director, FX Supervisor & VFX Pipeline TD

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VFX Art Director

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver
Location: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Salary

Job Description

The VFX Art Director is responsible for interpreting ideas communicated by the Director/Key Creative of a show(s) into traditional concept art and storyboards for Feature Film, Specialty Film, and Commercial work.

Primary Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

Responsible for creating or providing concept art, storyboards, photo reference, and video reference to communicate ideas and develop goals for the design and look of a show(s).
Provides conceptual paintovers and look direction for sequences and key shots for directorial approval. Art work is then used as a template for CG artists to complete work.
Provides creative direction and feedback to a team of concept artists, supervising the creation of artwork, storyboards, and materials; leads team to stay on schedule.
Oversees the creation of CG assets from Concept art, ensuring design continuity through the production process.
Responsible for interacting directly with clients, including Directors and Production Designers during production periods and at spec and bid work phases; ensures first unit production design and aesthetic is carried through post production and refined according to the director’s vision.
Partners with CG leadership, ensuring work is done according to the specifications of Director/Key Creatives.
Tracks and archives all work including project files, renders, source images, and textures.
Partners with production on bids and scheduling, proactively raising concerns and offering solutions when necessary.
Actively participates in dailies and transmissions.

Reporting Relationships:

Reports To: Art Department Creative Director, Art Department Production Manager, and Talent Manager.

Key Peers and Relationships (Positions in the organization in which good relationships are important for success in this role):
Senior VFX Art Directors, Creative Director, Art Department Production Manager, CG Leadership



Bachelor’s degree and/or 3+ years experience in Entertainment industry
Experience in Film or Video Effects and/or Film production, including knowledge of cinematic techniques, language and shot composition
Full portfolio demonstrating high-level traditional art skills and breadth of subject matter. Highly proficient at rendering imaginary scenes with little or no reference
Submission release form needs to be completed before portfolio/reel can be reviewed
Required Skills/Competencies
Developed “eye” and strong aesthetic
Clear understanding of anatomy and motion of organic and mechanical forms.
Demonstrated understanding and creation of photo real work.
Experience creating environments, hard surface, and creature design.
Ability to work closely with CG leadership and within a production environment.
Ability to support different productions with various design needs.
Ability to work under pressure while implementing changes based on input from multiple sources.
Excellent organizational skills.

Preferred Skills/Competencies:

Set experience preferred

Technical Skills:

Knowledge of Macintosh computer systems including word processing, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop
Proficiency in design software required (Photoshop, Painter, Sketch-up, Modo, etc.)
Ability to assemble research and reference material that will be influential to clients and design team

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FX Supervisor

Compan: Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver
Location: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
Benefited/Non-Benefite: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Salary

Job Description

The FX Supervisor is primarily responsible for leading a team of Effects Technical Directors, and managing the daily operations of the Effects team and Production needs. The FX Supervisor will supervise the Effects team in both the technical and artistic aspects of the visual effects production.

Supervise the Effects team to deliver the desired effect for the film.
Provide constructive creative oversight and feedback to the Effects Technical Directors.
Partner closely with show and production leadership to ensure the desired effects are delivered and that deadlines are met.
Responsible for guiding the overall effects and simulations on schedule and budget.
Partners with production management to provide artists with performance feedback, guidance, mentoring, resolving performance issues and maintaining positive morale amongst the crew.
Attends all relevant meetings to promote effective communication throughout the production team.



Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Graphics or equivalent work experience.
Expert Maya software, and knowledge and experience in Python, Hscript or Mel.
10+ years production experience, also with experience in a leadership/supervision role in film visual effects
Highly proficient skills in technical problem solving
Strong communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal)


Proficiency with Linux, Unix
Expertise with Maya and Houdini
Professional experience with python scripting
Produced effects smoke, fire, dust, explosions, water, clouds, steam and particles.

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VFX Pipeline TD

Company: Industrial Light & Magic Vancouver
Location: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
City: Vancouver
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Salary

Job Description

The Pipeline TD is responsible for developing and maintaining software tools, providing front-line support to artists, and general troubleshooting of the CG pipeline in a fast-paced, feature film visual effects production environment. The primary focus is ensuring artist efficiency. Receives day-to-day direction and priorities from show CG Supervisor; reports to R&D supervisor for technical and career guidance.

Develop pipeline and asset management tools to meet immediate, show-directed production demands, ensuring facility-wide consistency as directed by show and technical supervisors. Help maintain a wide array of existing workflows and scripts.
Provide front-line production support across a wide range of disciplines, troubleshoot assets and shots, and help artists with general problem-solving. Monitor email requests, package up problems and redirect to appropriate engineering team.
Test and validate tools and techniques in production. Work closely with engineering teams in testing, and releasing new and modified software systems.
Act as an on-call resource for show production staff, primarily for complex, urgent problems.
Collaborate effectively with artists, production supervisors, and technical staff across ILM studios in San Francisco, Vancouver, Singapore, and London.
When not crewed to shows, serve on software teams working on projects that improve the efficiency of asset setup, caching, and shot-data handoff between artists across the entire pipeline.
Identify day-to-day priorities in conjunction with show supervisors; act autonomously.
Work primarily on tools of a high degree of complexity, requiring broad understanding of the larger pipeline.
Assist junior Pipeline TDs in providing front-line support; resolve complex user errors; guide Pipeline Engineers and R&D with debugging technical issues.
Develop comprehensive knowledge of software and systems; contribute to evolving standards and conventions used in production.
Update documentation for the pipeline and tools to reflect any changes that are made.



Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science or a related technical field.
Demonstrated experience developing and maintaining tools for use in computer graphics.
At least 5 years production experience in visual effects for film, commercials or television.

Required Skills/Competencies:

Proficiency in Linux
Advanced Python scripting required
Experience in one or more of Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Mari, Katana, RenderMan or similar
Ability to communicate cross-discipline and provide innovative solutions to pipeline issues.
Detail oriented and strong self-sufficient trouble shooter.
Thorough understanding of the entire visual effects process, from shooting to modeling and texturing, animation, rendering and compositing

Preferred Skills/Competencies:

Experience with production database systems
Experience with C, C++
Experience with Windows development and applications such as 3ds max a plus.

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