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Industrial Light & Magic Recruiting Web Services Engineer

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Web Services Engineer

Category: Other
Company: Industrial Light & Magic
Location: London (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Company: Industrial Light & Magic UK

Our Production Engineering team develops the platform and services that power ILM’s production pipeline. Our software performs a huge number of tasks each day,initiated by both people and automated systems, in four studios across the globe. Over one thousand artists rely on our software working reliably so they can create the effects that make the movies that we’re all passionate about.
Our software touches every ILM project and directly impacts all our artists. Itneeds to be reliable and robust so we can meet hard deadlines, yet flexibleenough to adapt to new requirements on short notice. We need engineers who are versatile and passionate to tackle new problems.
You are a full-stack web developer who can build a web-service infrastructure or website from the ground up. You have experience building customer-facing applications, and have a sense for user requirements, UX, and design, however your main focus has been on the back-end services. You are excited to use your technical skills to solve the problems of those around you. You are an exceptional communicator, are flexible, and have a sense of humour.

Primary Responsibilities and Accountabilities

• Work with immediate team members to establish project goals and requirements
• Design, develop and maintain scale-out web services for pipeline infrastructure, adhering to coding and architectural standards as developed by the global Production Engineering team
• Continue to enhance and develop services and requirements and environments evolve
• Write developer and user documentation for all software
• Work with IT and DevOps teams to architect production deployments
• Work with operational teams to debug and patch systems as issue arise
• Be an active member of the global development team, participating in team meetings and developing to the global goals



• Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Computer Science, with a focus on web development
• At least 5 years professional experience working in web services development, preferably for high-throughput, highly-available online web presences

Required Skills

• Expert in Python programming in the Linux environment
• Expert knowledge of at least one Python web services framework
• Excellent knowledge of web services architectures and ability to design systems from the ground up
• Strong knowledge of Linux server environments
• Deep knowledge of SQL database programming
• Experience working in a team and using revision control systems, adhering to coding standards, participating in code reviews, developing test code, and working with continuous integration and deployment systems

Preferred Skills

• Strong JavaScript skills
• Willingness to undertake some sysadmin work to manage your own development and test environments
• Experience developing for applications where high-availability is a hard requirement
• Experience with load balancers and HTTP caching servers such as HAProxy, Nginx and Varnish
• Experience with newer databases and key-value servers such as Cassandra, MongoDB and Redis
• Experience with messaging systems such as RabbitMQ
• Experience developing for and deploying to cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services
• Experience developing for deployment with Docker

Personal Skills

• A collaborative team player: able to be an effective team member and work with developers and users from a variety of backgrounds
• A positive ‘can-do’ attitude: prepared to get on with the job but also not afraid to ask for help
• Passionate about delivering high-quality, complete systems that end-users love
• A clear and concise communicator

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