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Studio mahatta Private Limited is a delhi based animation studio currently working on 3d animated movie. There are immediate openings for the following positions

Currently we are looking for:

1. Compositors

Experience: 0-2 years
• Well versed in fusion,after effects and photoshop
• Extensive understanding and experience of complete VFX pipeline
• Should have a strong work ethic and should be able to adhere to strict deadlines

2. 3D Modeler/Texturer

Experience: 0-2 years
• Well versed in Maya, Photoshop
• Creating the look of CG characters, environments and props

3. 3D Rigging Artist


Experience: 0-2 years
• Well versed in Maya

4. Lighting & Rendering

Experience: 0-2 years
• Well versed in Maya
• Good knowledge of Shading, texturing

5. Dynamics artist

Experience: 0-2 years
• Well versed in Maya (ncloth)
• Strong visual and technical skills, understanding of physical dynamics and natural phenomenon
• Solid understanding of core live and CG topics as they relate to FX animation, particle systems, soft body, rigid and fluid dynamics, procedural modeling and animation, lighting, rendering and basic compositing.

Freshers can also apply for internship and trainee positions. Interested candidates can email their resume and showreel at
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