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3D Studio Max Layout / Pre-Viz Artist

Job description

Giant are looking for experienced 3DS Max Layout / Pre-viz artists to translate 2D storyboards into a working CG pipeline.

Experience Required 2+ years


-Establish the staging, camera placement, and camera moves for each shot.

Establish rough character placement and posing for each shot.

-Assess 2D storyboards / animatics and translate them in to 3DS Max files that are compatible with all subsequent parts of the pipeline.
-Work with Modelling and 3D FX departments to help create work that looks best on screen and solve any production challenges that may arise.
-Collaborate with Editors to establish the timing of all aspects of each project.
-Collaborate with animators to adapt cameras that need further enhancing during production.
-Work with production management to prioritize production tasks.
-Good Communication skills and ability to work interactively with production and other departments to solve production challenges.
-Establish a solid infrastructure for X-reffing background models.


-In depth knowledge of 3DS Max is essential, preferably with 2 years industry experience.
-Strong understanding of the principles of cinematic staging, blocking, camera work and continuity.
-Experience with Layout pipelines while being able to follow guidelines.
-The ability to show initiative, working both by themselves and in a team.

Bonus skills

-Experience as an animator
-Experence with live-action film-making camera work.

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