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Lead Game Designer 我要应聘

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Virtuos is one of the largest providers of outsourced production services to the game and movie industries. Founded by one of the most experienced teams of game production specialists in China, Virtuos delivers high-quality digital entertainment production especially programming. The Lead Game Programmers supervises over the technical tasks of a projects assigned. This includes creating technical documentation, making estimates for tasks, providing solutions to Game Developers under them, etc. working together with the Game Producer to make sure that the project is moving in the correct direction.

1) Work directly with the creative director and other members of the project’s management team to define the vision for the game
2) Work directly with the Design Manager and Producer to define the designers’ workload and processes necessary
3) Create documents and visual materials that clearly communicate design ambitions
4) Create creative guidelines
5)Define clear goals for designers at different stages of a project
6) Lead the team through the development of different types of console game
7)Run regular game review sessions and other data-gathering exercises in order to gather the information necessary to refine and polish the game experience
8) Mentor designers throughout the project as well as other designers in the department
9)Serve the team as an expert on competitive products and as an advocate for our core audience
10)Work with the Design Manager to grow the Design Department: participate in interviews, evaluations and training

1) 5~10 years Game Design Experience
2) Has at least worked on 2 released titles, and has complete development experience (online games need to have the operation experience)
3) Must have led a tame on a finished game(Console, Mobile, On-line), and must have complete development experience
4) A working knowledge of standard industry game engines, design toolsets and production pipelines.
5) Strong verbal, written and organizational skills.
6) Visionary. Be able to setup creative goals for different types of games and communicate to the team.
7) Experience with Scrum is a plus
8) Bachelor degree or above,majoring in Web or Industrial Design, or Computer Science
9) Good command of English is a plus
Software skill:
1) Document software:Excel、Outlook、PowerPoint、Visio、Word
2) Artist Software:Adobe Photoshop

If you are interested in this position, please sent your resume to
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