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Lighting TD – Digital Domain Vancouver

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Lighting TD – Digital Domain Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, BC
Status: Non-Exempt
Reports To: Global Production Technology Supervisor
Classification: Project Based

Position Summary:
In addition to creating photorealistic CG Look Development and Lighting, Lighting TDs write and/or support tools to facilitate different lighting and rendering techniques such as HDRI, SSS, and Global Illumination. Their focus is ensuring shots can be delivered efficiently, at the very highest standard.

TDs must have a strong knowledge of look development, shaders, lighting, and layer management as well as a thorough understanding of the AOVs/frame buffers that the Compositing Department may need.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Be able to troubleshoot common rendering and lighting technical issues, including ray tracing render optimization
Develops tools to optimize texturing, shading, and lighting workflow and pipeline
Craft and update documentation for the tools, techniques and workflows
Create photorealistic CG lighting that meets all technical and aesthetic standards for the project
Guide development of facility shaders by actual implementation, or where appropriate, delegating implementation to dedicated facility shader TD
Establish best practices for the most common shader techniques for Prmn, VRay and Arnold
Guide development of a default shader library
Create a default material library that texture painters can use as a basis for their work
Work with Shader TDs and Look Dev artists to establish a facility procedure for evaluation and accountability of shaders to ensure uniformity across shows whenever possible
Develop and maintain a proper repository for coding shaders in SVN
Develop best practices of for shading specific problems (i.e. AOVs, Projection, SSS, etc)
Manage Shadeops
Act as single point of contact on implementation of shader tools from the facility level
Aid show shader leads in communication and problem solving with texture and look dev teams
With the assistance of the Global Production Technology Producer set development priorities and ensure high quality shader solutions are available.
Promote open dialogue on techniques to avoid people “re-inventing the wheel”
Keep Pipeline Producer and Pipeline Supervisor aware of any non-standard shader techniques in use so Pipeline Producer and Pipeline Supervisor can investigate and enforce established techniques or approve the requested innovation
Solicit feedback from shader teams on all shows to determine shader features that need to be supported at the facility level.
Attend, report on, and present to relevant Pipeline Councils
Keep up-to-date on current industry technologies and techniques
Be involved in outside discussions with 3rd party vendors as these discussions relate to department initiatives
Review shader training curriculum to ensure best practices are presented

Education, Experience, and Skills Required:
3+ years experience as a Lighting Technical Director
Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or equivalent work experience
Extensive experience in a wide range of CG Look Development, Shader and Lighting techniques and technical methods
Ability to troubleshoot and debug common rendering issues
Strong working knowledge of large-scale, production-level pipelines a necessity
Ability to balance technical and aesthetic concerns
Practical knowledge of Python required, knowledge of PyQt a plus. Experience with C/C++ strongly desired
Working experience with one or more professional graphics packages, including Maya, Katana, Arnold, Houdini, and Nuke
Proficiency in one or more professional graphics package C++/Python APIs, including the Maya SDK, HDK, Nuke SDK, Mental Ray SDK, Prman and Mental Ray SDK preferred

To apply for this position please select Vancouver from the drop down location menu and submit an application at
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