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Lucasfilm Animation Company Recruiting Art Associate Technical Director, Episodic Director & I.T. Intern

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Art Associate Technical Director

Company: Lucasfilm
Location: Letterman Digital Arts Center
State: California
City: San Francisco
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Hourly

Job Description

The Art ATD solves technical production issues, defines work flows, streamlines processes, and develops tools/frameworks for art.

• Develop appropriate art pipelines and workflow, working in conjunction with the Art Leads and the programming team.
• Solve technical production issues.
• Streamline art workflows and pipelines by developing tools/scripts/plugins in the art process; work with programming and tools team members.
• Create technically sound art and art frameworks.
• Excel as a team player and strive to maximize team/department performance.
• Performs special tasks as assigned.
• Develop an area or multiple areas of expertise.
• Demonstrates ability to be proactive and anticipating potential problems before they occur and follows through on every task assigned.
• Demonstrates ability to be proactive about communicating clearly and frequently the status of all tasks.
• Demonstrates ability to prioritize tasks and manage time well, and give accurate time estimates task bidding.


• Have good knowledge of python, mel and C++preferred.
• 2 years or more of production experience
• Background and understanding of 3D graphics
• Strong knowledge of one or more major 3D animation packages, Maya preferred.
• Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
• Work well under deadlines and multi-tasks.
• Must be willing to work overtime when requested.

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Episodic Director

Company: Lucasfilm Animation
Location: Letterman Digital Arts Center
State: California
City: San Francisco
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Salary

Job Description

The Episodic Director’s professional function is unique, and requires his or her participation in all creative aspects in all phases of the production process. The director methodically breaks down the script into individual scenes and the technical reproduction of a written script into animation format. They need to be intuitive and imaginative, balancing fact and fiction creatively. As a focal person of a production, the director provides leadership for the team.
Interpret the script visually i.e. break it down into particular scenes determining locations and settings. Contributes to all the creative elements of a project and participates in molding and integrating them into one cohesive dramatic and aesthetic whole.
Work with story and editorial department to set direction for animation requirements for each sequence.
Direct 3D Story artists in animation blocking, camera, timing, etc. for each sequence.
Conduct production turnover meetings with all department heads and outline all visual and audio animation requirements.
Work with Editor to integrate shots and sequences throughout all phases outlines above.


Bachelor’s Degree in animation, film, art or related field.
10+ years of industry experience, preferably in animation; Prior directorial experience required.
Exceptional Working knowledge of animation and post-production techniques and terminology.
Strong organizational, project management and leadership skills.
Strong communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal).
Proven ability to work effectively with all levels of production crew, artistic staff and management.
Ability to establish priorities and multi-task efficiently within a high pressure environment while meeting strict deadlines. Ability to work in a start-up environment that has a certain degree of ambiguity.
Being able to keep calm under the face of constant pressure and creating order in the midst of chaos are other desirable qualities.
Must be a demonstrated natural story-teller with strong visual ability.

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I.T. Intern

Company: Lucasfilm Animation Company Singapore
Location: Singapore
State: Singapore
City: Singapore
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Non-Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Salary

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities:

The Desktop Support Intern is responsible for providing desktop technical support including setting up new workstations, operating system and software application installation and configuration. Perform upgrades to operating system and hardware, etc. Troubleshoot day to day software or hardware problems with workstations and peripherals.

• Provide excellent customer service in a high-pressure, production environment while successfully navigating conflicting priorities, deadlines, and occasional process ambiguity.
• Field incoming phone, email, and Zendesk tickets, ensuring timely updates and complete information are provided to all concerned parties.
• Identify and recommend approved work-around solutions to technical issues as needed.
• Troubleshoot and resolve issues via remote control tools as appropriate.
• Document and communicate all system support issues with end users, IT staff, and management.
• Perform basic system administration duties as directed – Create and manage user accounts (Unix and Active Directory, FTP, etc.).
• Plan, develop, and maintain individual project schedules.
• Perform special projects as necessary.


Education, Experience and Skills:

• Some experience in Windows XP/7, Vista and Linux desktop support.
• Good understanding of Linux and Apple operating systems
• Ability to write scripts in some administrative language.
• Demonstrate the ability to integrate computer skills, customer support experience, and related education to exceed technical, business and customer requirements.
• Skilled at troubleshooting and fixing problems while minimizing customer stress levels.

Non-technical skills:

• Good communication skills, able to communicate in a professional and friendly manner with co-workers and customers.
• Experience working in multi-national corporation a plus.
• Self-starter, energetic, good people/communication skills and ability to prioritize workload.
• Effective written/oral communication skills, interpersonal, and presentation skills to communicate complex ideas clearly.
• Team player that strives to maximize team and department performance.
• Detail oriented, highly organized, and able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.
• Ability to work in a start-up environment that has a high degree of ambiguity is highly desired

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