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Lucasfilm Animation Company Recruiting Digital Production Supervisor

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Digital Production Supervisor

Company: Lucasfilm
Location: Letterman Digital Arts Center
State: California
City: San Francisco
Benefited/Non-Benefited: Benefited
Salary/Hourly: Hourly

Job Description

The ADG Digital Production Supervisor is responsible for determining, modifying and maintaining the most effective and efficient technical approach and workflow for the entire team’s digital production pipeline including CG, editorial, asset authoring and Mocap to allow for the production of film quality imagery while absolutely respecting the real time authoring environment of a modern game engine.

As Visionary/Planner/Deliverer:

• Works with the Show Key Creatives to anticipate the productions challenges and finds efficient, effective and realistic solutions. Always thinking of ways to simplify, optimize and streamline complicated tasks to produce

outstanding visuals at both runtime frame rates as well as offline.
o Guides and partners with a team of Department Leads to evaluate the technical approaches for the production and determine the optimal course to achieve the director and Key Creative’s vision. Investigates and proposes multiple approaches and understands their respective merits or limitations.
o Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the tools and procedures of the entire CG pipeline and assigns work to the appropriate discipline or pipeline to ensure efficient use of resources and optimize workflow.
o Is cognizant of the shows budget and driven to achieve the budgetary as well as creative goals. Gives accurate bids and estimates and notifies production if any budget impacts may occur
o Presents recommendations for technical approach including any R&D development or 3rd party software needs.
o Identifies and utilizes tools and techniques which significantly improve productivity and the quality of product. Avoids reinvention of the wheel or duplication of effort.

• Generate production plans for “Product 1.0” of new media experiences ranging from location based interactive
experiences to linear content render offline through new and sometimes experimental render pathways.

o Manage internal and external crews and technology partners to superior results against product 1.0 production plans.
o Evaluating and investigating new vendors, new software packages and new techniques and help the leadership team manage those relationships for maximum impact.

• Develop and deliver leading edge techniques and workflows that include but are not limited to the following:

o Optimal visual quality across real time, non-real time and traditional software rendering pipelines.
o Techniques and workflows tailored to Characters (including hair, cloth, skin and eyes), Particle effects, Rigid Body Simulations, Environments and hard surface assets.
o Suggestions for Rendering pathway alternatives, options, optimizations targeting highest levels of visual fidelity while maintaining interactive frame rates.
o Color space and finishing pipelines the cover the delivery of final frames and feature film quality as well as the final polish of visual environments on a shipping AAA title.
o Running benchmark tests and establishing new technical budgets.
o Geometric manufacturing methodology to ensure asset longevity.
o Texturing and shading portability across software packages and facilities.
o Asset management to ensure the highest possible opportunity for asset reuse.
o Defining lookdev workflows that ensure consistent look of asset across rendering pipelines.
o Defining and standardizing publishing techniques to allow for the derivation of pipeline specific assets from a high res canonical source asset.

As Leader/Mentor:

• Drive visual quality, pipeline consistency and technical excellence in asset authoring, lighting and rendering.
• Create documentation and tutorials relating to technical issues to educate department subordinates as well as collaborators from other disciplines.
• Work with programming and tools teams to develop tools/scripts/plug-ins to streamline art processes.
• Work with other depts. to establish technical cross dependencies for projects.
• Comfortable and proficient in outsourcing pipelines. Must be able and willing to help work with outsourcers to train them in new working methodologies when necessary.
• Responsible for managing a growing a team and its interaction with other departments
• Assist in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring of new candidates as the team grows.
• Participate in pre-production planning to determine and address technical design requirements and issues.
• Participate in bidding and scheduling meetings for both development and production tasks as necessary.
• Responsible for generating, monitoring, and updating schedules, deliverables and due dates for teams targets.
• Responsible for guiding team to on-time delivery of products and projects in collaboration with leads group.
• Responsible for driving post mortem discussion after delivery and converting feedback to actionable backlog items and course correcting future development based on production learnings.
• Effectively draws upon knowledge and experience with artists to participate in and inform crewing decisions. Delegates work where appropriate to achieve timely delivery of assignments. Prioritizes tasks effectively and cross utilizes digital artist skills to efficiently and effectively complete the work.
• Addresses show-specific training needs
• Also demonstrates strong management skills and provides continual timely and effective feedback to CG artists during the show. Delivers and accepts constructive feedback with a positive attitude, and in an objective, accurate, respectful, and non-judgmental manner.
• Ensures constant flow of communication so that the crew has the information needed to do their jobs efficiently. Demonstrates creative problem solving and efficient trouble shooting skills. Is available to answer questions when needed and demonstrates patience in teaching. Develops meeting agendas for regularly scheduled production meetings, calling upon appropriate personnel to attend.

As Artist/Collaborator/Doer:

• Work with Various departments to ensure consistent manufacturing techniques for digital assets and lighting techniques.
• Set up and light scenes, sequence or shots as necessary.
• Solve technical production issues, especially those related to lighting and rendering.
• Script utilities/tools/plug-ins in various software packages.


Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Graphics and a minimum of 10 years post production experience including a minimum of 4 years experience serving as a Supervisor.
• Displays exceptional developmental skills along with the talent and desire to continually restructure and enhance the production pipeline.
• Expert knowledge of Windows Operating System and shell scripts and working knowledge of applicable software platforms.
• Must be a self starter with the proven ability to initiate and complete new projects. Strong organizational and communication skills.
• Must have the ability to juggle multiple projects, work with diverse personalities and work within strict deadlines.

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