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Luma Pictures Recruiting FX Artist & CG Supervisor

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FX Artist (Los Angeles)


Can develop complex particle and fluid simulations in Maya and FumeFX
Light and render FX passes for specific shots using developed FX rigs
Develop rigs/techniques to implement and optimize approved looks
Produce look tests based on provided reference materials
Creation of tools and scripts to facilitate workflow


Artist should have advanced knowledge of Maya.
Should also be proficient in

Artists must be able to take direction and work in a team focused environment, good communication skills are a must
Python scripting experience is a plus
Understanding multi pass 3D compositing is a plus
Strong time management skills and extremely organized.
Solid work ethic and a positive attitude in the face of challenging situations.


Has working knowledge and expertise in other areas of the pipeline outside of FX.

To apply, head to

CG Supervisor (Los Angeles)

Luma Pictures is an artist centric feature film VFX studio located two blocks from the beach in Santa Monica, California. We maintain a unique culture with an amazingly talented staff and are always on the lookout for exceptional people for full time and project positions.


– Minimum of 5+ years VFX post-production experience, this must be recent.
– Solid previous experience as CG or 2D Supervisor and most recently CG Supervisor experience on previous major projects.
– Creative eye and aesthetic judgement with a deep understanding of composition,cinematic design and animation timing.
– Must have vast understanding of anatomy, rigging, cg lighting, rendering, compositing.Should have an eye for animation and FX work as well.
– Comfortable with relocation from country to country as required.
– Ability to work to and meet strict deadlines often under pressure.
– Excellent communication, organization skills, management skills.
– Expert in industry standard software packages such as Maya, and Nuke.
– Proven team leader with strong motivational qualities.
– Technically and creatively astute.
– Highly organized.
– Able to effectively communicate with people at all levels.


Performing tasks associated with lighting, shading and rendering processes.
Managing a production team of 3d artists within established timeframes.
Assigning tasks, tutoring, creative and technical coaching of team members.
Supervising and reviewing the work of team members.


If you think you fit the bill and want a quick response, upload your reel/portfolio and a shot breakdown to
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