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Luma Pictures – JR Producer/Coordinator Position (Santa Monica)

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JR Producer/Coordinator Position (Santa Monica)

Luma Pictures is an artist centric feature film VFX studio located two blocks from the beach in Santa Monica, California. We maintain a unique culture with an amazingly talented staff and are always on the lookout for exceptional people for full time and project positions.


• Coordinate various departments (Asset / Anim / Comp / Lite / FX / etc)
• Review all incoming notes for department relevance and distribute as needed
• Track/manage notes, receivables, artist tasks and assignments
• Work with Supervisors to ensure all client notes are properly recorded and communicated
• Work with Supervisors to ensure all internal notes are properly recorded and communicated
• Walk the floor, gather artist needs, follow up on action items
• Manage render farm priorities
• Evaluate incoming media and discuss/qualify with supervisors
• Take notes at internal and client meetings
• Set up Cinesync sessions


• Strong work ethic
• Meticulous attention to detail
• Solid time-management skills and ability to multi-task
• Exceptional organizational and communication skills
• Positive attitude and effective interpersonal skills: authoritative but approachable
• Proactive with inferring and communicating priorities from available information
• Ability to take direction positively, work well within a team and thrive under the pressure of tight deadlines
• Experience coordinating VFX projects including assets such as 3D characters/creatures, fur, particle and fluid simulations and matte paintings


• Understand basic compositing and editorial concepts (After Effects / Final Cut / Avid)
• Experience with databases (File Maker / Sequel Pro)
• Mastery of OSX environment
• Experience with budgeting, breakdowns


If you think you fit the bill and want a quick response, upload your reel/portfolio and a shot breakdown to
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  • Guy

    Love it ! thanks a lot this is great.

    • Sergi Caballer

      Thanks! 😉

  • Moustafa Shaheen

    thank you for the tutorial

    • Sergi Caballer

      Thanks Moustafa! 😉

  • John Scerri

    Your too awesome :) Just epic… I learned a lot watching your tutorial. Thanks!!
    Just a small question if I may. Are the eyebrows separate from the face?

    • Sergi Caballer

      Hi John, thanks for your words! I’m glad you like it! :)
      The eye brows are a separated piece from the face, but I keep the same vertical divisions than the surface below. Later, it will helps to transfer facial’s deformation to the eyebrows just with a simple wrapDeformer with an excellent results. 😉

      • John Scerri

        O.. ok I got it! Thanks a lot and keep up the great job! Looking forward to see more of your work.

  • Stephen James Davidson

    It looks like the topology from happydrome – great stuff

    • Sergi Caballer

      Thanks Stephen!

  • Demetrius McClain

    I have problems modeling the eyelids. The timelapse is moving too fast for me to catch. Is it possible for you to forward me a realtime video of the eyelid modeling?

    • Sergi Caballer

      Hi Demetrius,
      unfortunately this is just a screen capture every 5 sec, so there is no video to reproduce in slow-motion :(

      • Demetrius McClain

        Thanks for your reply Sergi. I believe I’ve found a solution. However
        tedious. LOL. I have to say your tutorial is by far superior to all
        others. I truly wished it was recorded at real time and made available
        for purchase. I’m sure you’d make a small fortune on it alone.

        • Sergi Caballer

          Thank for your words Demetrius! I really appreciate them!

  • Great!
    Never liked modeling because of the cumbersome organic part.

    But this surely gave me a reason for another try.

    • Sergi Caballer

      Thanks! I’m glad you like it!

  • a

    what a beautiful model

    • Sergi Caballer


  • Mélina Auer

    Hello, I really think your work is amazing ! I see that the face is mirrored whan you are modeling it, what are you using for that please? Thanks !

    • Sergi Caballer

      Thanks Mélina! To model with the mirror, I use to create a duplicate special, with the instance option enabled, and the X scale to -1.

  • chillibibi

    Really fantastic work and a great 3D modelling guide

    • Sergi Caballer


  • Yuliana Salazar

    you’re amazing!!

  • Thanks for the tips, really interesting and usefull

  • Ye Eun Anna Lee


  • David Young

    It amazes me how some people think that a time lapse at 4x speed is going to do much to show someone how to build a model. Then I look in the comments section and see people saying awesome and thanks for the tips. This is my opinion and I will leave you with my thoughts. This is more about showing off your skills than it is helping others understand the process. If anyone gets anything out of these time lapses it’s because they already know what you are doing. Not because the time lapse is useful as a teaching tool. Again this is just my opinion.

    • Ludwig Geerman

      Hi David, Everyone always have an opinion of some sort. That’s the nature of us all. For me personally being a digital kid, I know i can’t learn from a 4x speed time laps. Logically, I stitch these 3 video here in Screenflow, and slow it down almost to a frame by frame speed. So it shouldn’t amaze anyone how we learn from this, we just find a way if we really try!

    • 3Rton

      I’ll give you a tip mate slow down the video and follow step by step : 3

    • D2K

      It’s really more about the quality than the quantity. If you don’t already have a basic foundation in 3D modeling step-by-step tutorial still might be too complex for a novice. They may be able to copy what you are doing, but they have no idea why they are doing it which means they aren’t learning.

      If you already have a basic knowledge of modeling but are still at a low novice level, you can get some use out of a timelapse video as long as you slow it down.

      It annoys me also when people send more time showing off what they can do rather than how they did it, but I try to salvage any useful tidbits that I can.

  • Gord Taylor

    There’s a lot to be said for Box Modelling. Getting my hands on Zbrush led me away from it for awhile and now find myself back. I do both really. Both have advantages. And David Young: I’m not a big fan of Speed modeling vids myself. Usually I ignore them as ‘show-off’ vids. I agree with your comments overall. It’s still nice to see box modelers at work though but yeah, they generally aren’t much good as tutorials.

  • Daniel Abdulla

    please upload it’s slow version