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Luma Pictures – System Administrator (Santa Monica)

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System Administrator (Santa Monica)

Luma Pictures is an artist centric feature film VFX studio located two blocks from the beach in Santa Monica, California. We maintain a unique culture with an amazingly talented staff and are always on the lookout for exceptional people for full time and project positions.
The ideal candidate will be able to contribute to many aspects of our production network; including user support, OS management and scripting.

The precise tasks can vary depending on what you bring to the table, but some of the outstanding responsibilities are:

• Manage and troubleshoot hardware and software issues on user workstations running Linux or OSX
• BASH and/or Python scripting to increase production in our area of supporting the artists
• Assisting with other items such as power issues, building issues and other general issues
• Deploying workstations, rendernodes and servers for production use
• First point of contact for user issues


• Advanced knowledge of Fedora, CentOS/RHEL and OSX including software management and deployment
• Advanced knowledge of and experience with networking concepts and network implementations including routing, VLANs, firewalls, traffic inspection
• Advanced knowledge of DNS, LDAP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH, VNC and other common protocols
• Knowledge of Data Backup concepts and software (Netvault, Bacula etc)
• Extremely proficient with gnu/linux rpm-based distributions
• Ability to lead in advanced troubleshooting without guidance for hardware, software and networking issues
• Advanced knowledge of hardware RAID, software RAID, lvm, ext3/4, NFS
• Advanced knowledge of linux network commands including NetworkManager, host, nslookup, dig, ifconfig, ip, route, netstat, ping, iptables etc.
• Solid understanding of packet flow, tcp and udp transmissions
• Advanced knowledge of sysv, init scripts and startup and login process for linux and osx systems
• Advanced knowledge of virtualisation concepts and implentations
• Knowledge of rpm repository mirroring and rpmbuild for custom repos
• Advanced knowledge of security concepts including best practice and auditing
• Knowledge of VPN technologies including site-to-site VPN tunnels
• Puppet management system knowledge
• Ability to manage large data sets / projects
• Customer service experience


• Advanced knowledge of xenserver administration including p2v
• Knowledge of openldap
• Familiar with visual effects shops, pipelines or similar
• Experience with squid or other hardware ssl proxy web filters
• Wireless networking experience
• Video card experience (drivers, troubleshooting, Xorg, etc)
• Mcollective, Cobbler, Jenkins knowledge
• Ceph knowledge
• FortiGate/FortiAP experience
• HP Procurve experience
• Proactive, curious, energetic, troubleshooter
• Strong desire and ability to learn and apply new knowledge and techniques
• Able to left a server or other similarly weighted item from time to time, independently


Note: This is a contract position of 9 months.

If you think you fit the bill and want a quick response, go to and apply!
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