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Luma Pictures Recruiting Tracking/Matchmove Artist

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Tracking/Matchmove Artist

It always starts with great people…

Luma was built by many great people who love this job and get their kicks by trying to be their best. That sets the tone for our work, and our culture.

(& our all around inappropriate take on halloween!)


– Produce tracked cameras / virtual sets from plate photography.
– Matchmove characters and objects using provided rigs.
– Work with animation and modeling departments to ensure accurate camera track.


– Mastery of core 3D principles rotation, translation, scale, gimbal lock.
– Thorough understanding of 3D camera principles such as lenses, distortion, parallax etc.
– Artist must be well versed with Maya, and proficient in one or more camera tracking packages (Syntheyes, PFTrack etc)
– Artists must be able to take direction and work in a team oriented environment, great communication skills are a must.
– Must be willing and able to relocate to Melbourne if necessary.

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