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Meggitt Training Systems Recruiting Senior 3D Artist

Meggitt Training Systems Recruiting Senior 3D Artist, Meggitt Training Systems, Meggitt

Senior 3D Artist

Company: Meggitt Training Systems

o Fulltime position
o Great benefits
o Paid vacation
o Onsite position
o Salary position
o Primary language English
o Long term employee desired.
o Will relocate the right artist from another area of the U.S.
o Simulation industry, Game or film experience and general knowledge of both required.
o Extremely good texture and painting skills.
o Modeling and texturing in max and maya.
o The ability to Adapt to ever changing situations.
o Problem solving ability
o Max experience (professional) with no crossover work done in any package other than Maya. (So there is no work in XSI, LW, ask if I need to specify)
o In depth experience in max. Resulting in the ability to troubleshoot advanced issues and scripting.Max scripting, and or melscripting a plus.
o Low poly and highpoly modeling skills both required.
o Knowledge and experience in design Critiques process
o Team Oriented
o Highpoly models converted to normal maps and textures
o Lowpoly models that meet our set standard, and directly use the normal maps generated from the high poly. (zbrush to produce high poly to lowpoly connection.)
o Ability to work with little supervision, but supply updates on progress daily, or when specified on the project.
o Concept sketching or painting abilities.
o Self motivated, good personality.
o Technical abilities in 3D, ability to learn new custom applications and interfaces in reasonable time.
o AlienBrain asset manager experience a plus as well.

Provide links to work samples via website, do not email samples without permission. Reading these requirements is part of the initial evaluation.

Website or gallery link
Cover letter
A resume
Salary requirements

Please direct inquiries and email resumes to
Meggitt Training Systems Recruiting Senior 3D Artist, Meggitt Training Systems, Meggitt