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Method Studios Los Angeles Recruiting Senior Matte Painter, Houdini FX Artist, Vray Lighter & Mid-Sr Nuke Compositor


For general recruitment enquiries please contact: la-recruiting [at] methodstudios [dot] com

Senior Matte Painter


The Senior Matte Painter is responsible for painting photo environments, elements and textures for matching into live action plates or could stand as their own matte painting plates. Must also have a sound knowledge and understanding of visual effects pipelines, production and implementation, as well as the ability to work well in a team.


Required Skills & Experience:
  • Expert working knowledge of Photoshop
  • A minimum of 3 years VFX industry experience as a digital matte painter on feature films
  • Experience creating digital paintings of photo realistic environments based on concept art and/or photo reference
  • Demonstrable experience integrating matte paintings into 3D environments using Maya and/or Nuke is beneficial
  • Possess a strong understanding of light, colour and perspective
  • Possess excellent artistic communication skills as well as an excellent eye for detail
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of visual effects pipelines, production and implementation, as well as the ability to work well in a team
  • A good understanding of 2D and 3D workflows within a feature film environment
  • Knowledge of Vue software a plus
  • Knowledge of Maya and Nuke software a plus

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Houdini FX Artist

Principle duties and responsibilities:
  • Design and animate high quality, photo-real effects (dust, fire, smoke, explosions, debris, clouds, etc.) that meet all technical and aesthetic standards for the project
  • Work within the show structure and production deadlines to complete all tasks
  • Integrate created elements into scenes with lighting, shadows, reflections, etc.
  • Work closely with Lighting Artist and Compositors to ensure all effects will work smoothly within the show pipeline
  • Produce look tests based on provided reference materials
  • Has good communication skills and is able to take direction from FX Leads and FX TDs
  • We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated team players who are looking to start their careers in Feature and Commercial VFX
Education, experience and skills required:
  • Degree in Animation, Arts, Fine Arts or equivalent production experience
  • Proficient with Houdini
  • Knowledge of any and/or all of the following: rigid body and particle dynamics, volume modeling and rendering, procedural geometry generation and fluid dynamics
  • Strong understanding of physical dynamics and natural phenomena
  • Experience with one or more other professional software packages such as Maya, Nuke is a plus
  • Proficiency in shading and rendering techniques, ideally both Mantra and Renderman
  • Requires strong technical knowledge and organizational skills
  • Python scripting is a plus
Please include detailed breakdowns with all submitted materials.

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Vray Lighter

  • Expert knowledge of V-Ray
  • 3-5 years experience working on features and commercials
  • Help maintain lighting pipeline/work flow as dictated by project
  • Ensure work is of the highest possible quality
  • Good knowledge of maya and use of V-ray within maya
  • Understand how to properly economize renders while still achieving required quality
  • Work closely with the artistic leads to ensure creative direction is achieved
  • Thorough understanding of linear workflow
  • Be able to work with lighting artists to provide guidance and assist in problem solving
  • Advanced understanding of lighting and advanced shading networks
  • Good balance between artistic and technical skills
  • Advanced knowledge of Fusion or similar node based compositing package
  • Be able to properly assess appropriate balance of lighting and compositing for a given shot
  • Knowledge of modeling, animation, FX and surfacing a plus
  • Able to communication effectively to people across all disciplines, and with various levels of experience
  • Must be detail oriented and organized, possess strong communication skills, and be able to handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Must possess exceptional problem solving skills.
  • Works in a collaborative manner and follow direction as required
  • Must be a team player and perform well under tight deadlines

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Mid-Sr Nuke Compositor

In this role you will integrate CG elements and matte paintings into live action plates.  This will encompass matching color, lighting and exposure of stock elements to rendered or photographed elements, matte extractions from blue/green screen photography, transform and warp elements as needed, 2D/3D camera tracking, grain and degrain as necessary, paint fixes and rotoscoping as well as matte edge processing and integration.

Job Requirements:
  • 4 years of node based compositing software experience (Nuke, Shake, Fusion)
  • Experience with Keylight, Primatte or Ultimatte
  • Knowledge of projection mapping
  • Maya knowledge a plus
  • Sound aesthetic with good understanding of color, contrast and lighting design
  • Knowledge of film resolution and aspect ratios
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Team player with great attitude
  • Dependable and flexible
  • Takes direction well
  • Exercises close attention to detail

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