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Method Studios Recruiting Compositing Supervisor

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Compositing Supervisor

Category: Compositor
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

The Compositing Supervisor is responsible for the management of the compositing team, the quality of the compositing work and the overview of colour continuity on a given show. Working closely with the VFX Supervisor, Digital Colourists, CG Supervisor and the VFX Producer and Head of 2D, the Compositing Supervisor communicates and delegates the compositing needs of the show to the team as well as represents the voice of the compositing crew with respect to workload and pipeline environment. The Compositing Supervisor manages both hands-on operation of a workstation as well as administration duties including mentoring artists, monitoring shot progress, monitor show resource usage.
In addition, the Compositing Supervisor serves as a key front-line representative of the company and frequently deals directly with clients. This direct client interaction requires a highly professional demeanour and diplomacy.


Ensure that the quality of the work from the compositing team is of the highest of standards
Ensure proper work flow methodology for all artists – mentor the compositing team
Develop workflow and pipeline strategies, processes, methodologies, etc.
Provide ongoing information and feedback to the Head of 2D regarding issues in the Compositing department
Composite with Shake and/or Nuke
Work closely with the CG team to ensure proper flow and execution of CG elements for compositing


Possess extremely strong technical and leadership capabilities
Solid experience in leading and training teams of compositors
Excellent artistic skills
Demonstrate the ability to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas


Expert knowledge of Nuke
High level feature film experience in live action films
Strong understanding of color correction, blue & green screen, roto, mattes and tracking technologies
Guru-level experience in Compositing

This is a full-time contract position requiring periodic overtime

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