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Method Studios is looking for a Digital Effects (DFX) Supervisor

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Digital Effects (DFX) Supervisor

The Digital Effects (DFX) Supervisor ensures throughput of shots towards timely completion, via client’s approval, and maintains a functioning environment where the DFX Supervisor and client can focus on artistic performance without technology hindrance. The DFX Supervisor works with the VFX Supervisor, Producer and Production Manager and is responsible for developing a strong, flexible CG and 2D pipeline. This includes developing, maintaining (or approving) techniques, provide team-building through developing structure, lead artists roles and responsibilities. The DFX Supervisor also works with the Project Coordinator and Producer to facilitate scheduling of artists and resources and works with the VFX Supervisors to provide artistic and technical notes to the team. R&D, following CG elements from concept through final comp and overseeing all elements created by the CG team is also part of this role. The DFX Supervisor may be called upon to work “on the box” as an artist as show size and needs require.

Duties & Responsibilities

Visual Targets and Quality

Addresses the body of work arriving from scanning. Previews for initial colour correction requirements and initial shot composite requirements.
Monitors shot continuity in all aspects of quality control including final colour correction for timeable delivery.

Team Building

View reels / recommend artists for interview
Attend interviews / interview candidates
Recommend candidates for hiring in consultation with leads

Team Training

Ensure leads are fluent with production techniques
Define crew training plans with leads
Oversee training of new team members
One-on-one training with team members
Assist leads where necessary with training

Team Guidance

Facilitate production needs of every team member
Correct and caution team members as necessary
Maintain team morale / provide incentives


Test new techniques and technology as necessary
Help leads and crew develop “one-off” techniques as necessary

Scheduling and Daily Work

Team scheduling and shifts with Production team
Monitors resources, throughout each day, and delegates work priorities based on fluctuations in schedule and shot progress.
Oversees the management of the render farm and resource workload. Monitors render queue and reviews previous night logs for deviances, on a daily basis.
Reviews progress of shots for deliveries, on a daily basis, and approves shots as ready for deliveries when the criteria are met.
Occasionally performs as a Senior Compositor as needed, completing shots towards final and troubleshooting shot related issues.
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