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Method Studios is looking for a FX TD

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The FX TD is responsible for creating photorealistic “FX,” (usually some natural phenomena such as fire, water, explosions, etc), using Maya and/or Houdini and any proprietary Method technology or third-party technology. They should have a good understanding of how to manage large data sets and complex renders. They should be familiar with the latest techniques and technologies, and have a deep understanding of one or more specialties. They should be adept in one or more FX packages, as well as being able to develop entire tools or production pipelines, as required by the project. The FX TD is also required to develop a deep understanding of the Method pipeline and work within it.


Managing software and tools development
Using tools and software developed in-house, proprietary tools, or off-the-shelf software, render photo-realistic FX for film
Must be adept at balancing the creation of final renders for shots with building/maintaining systems for creating shots
Must work within the Method pipeline and publish tools and scripts as prescribed
Must manage his or her disc space to fit within quota
Must create systems that minimize render times
Must follow the creative direction of the production communicated by his/her leads and supervisors
Will need to balance creative requests with the resources available
Ability to work in a team environment under tight deadlines


Minimum two-year experience as a TD
Strong knowledge of Houdini or Maya
Tool building and scripting knowledge an asset
Knowledge of other “dynamics” packages/tools such as DMM, Realflow, Nyaid, etc., an asset
Knowledge of Nuke and Photoshop an asset
Good artistic skills
Some scripting skills an asset
hscript, mel, bash
Demonstrable ability to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas
Able to take directions and adaptable to change
Good at improvising and problem-solving
Linux experience preferred
Computer science degree or some other advanced training an asset

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  • Freek Hoekstra

    too clean and too much CG for my taste, whats behind the gates just looks fake,
    the original was great due to the fact that it all felt real, the spaces the environments only the dino’s were CG, and that made it feel like it was possible.

    these futuristic environments make no sense,
    an arena with no wall where a mosasaurus eats a shark, and that roof structure..
    I just cannot suspend my disbelief…