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Method Studios Recruiting Production Coordinator, DFX Supervisor, VFX Supervisor, Animation Supervisor & Recruiter

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Production Coordinator

Category: Production Coordinator
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description


Reporting to the Production Manager, Visual Effects, the Senior VFX Coordinator is responsible for the management of information flow during a project. Taking client requests, recording client notes, and monitoring the progress of the crew are all part of the daily responsibilities of the Senior VFX Coordinator.
In addition, the Senior VFX Coordinator serves as a key front-line representative of the company and frequently deals directly with clients. This direct client interaction requires a highly professional demeanor and diplomacy.


· Work with production team and Pipeline to set up Shotgun.
· Ensure clear file structure is in place, create shot directories for all shots. As show progresses, keep on top of new directory needs, and work with artists to create directories when necessary.
· Participate in show set-up meetings, take notes from these meetings and confirm that all stages of set-up are documented and assigned.
· Introduce new artists to Shotgun and timesheets, ensure the crew is familiar with show procedures. Ensure that all crew are added to appropriate email groups.
· Work with Method IO to set up data transfer procedures. Upload and download material from ftp site / aspera, or establish how Method IO will handle downloads if appropriate.
· Monitor plate turnover dates and liaise with studio data team when plates come in.
· Maintain list of all roto and matchmove requests and target dates and completion status. Liaise with roto/mm coordinator to set priorities.
· Maintain database of shot data to include all material sent from client and request any missing material from client.
· Set up and maintain shot board.
· Work with supervisor and producer to create dailies playlist. Work with editor to prepare dailies material before artists are in the theatre. Notify relevant artists when it is time to be in dailies. Let crew know if dailies is canceled or delayed.
· Take notes during dailies and review with supervisor before publishing to the crew. Ensure all dailies notes are input into Shotgun and emailed to relevant artists and established email groups.
· Book rooms for client calls and meetings, and maintain all calendar events per production team.
· Set up cinesync sessions with proper playlist material established by client and supervisor. Save and file all notes and cinesync images, review with supervisor and distribute appropriately.
· Participate in daily production meetings and artist rounds with production team and follow up on notes and action items that come from these.
· Walk the floor, gather artist needs, follow-up on action items. Have a general idea of what the team is working on; inform producer/supervisor when they know of issues that are happening on the floor.
· Maintain current list of all shots statuses and task assignments (through Shotgun and other means.)
· Make sure artists are aware of targets and assure that they have all info and materials they need, and help them get it if they don’t.
· Create daily posting targets list and ensure all relevant artists are aware of targets. Maintain communication to know when material is ready for review by supervisor, and notify producer if any targets will be missed
· Complete submission forms per client specifications, and submit with every submission to client. Fling shots for delivery to client, prep any paper work that needs to go with it and update shotgun to reflect what’s been delivered.
· Collect client feedback and input into Shotgun, and notify relevant artists and email groups
· Manage render farm priorities: work with crew to establish render needs, and with studio wranglers to ensure that available resource matches needs.
· Collect timesheets from crew, ensure they’re all complete and pass to producer for review and approval.
· Help with ordering / organizing lunch / dinner when working OT

On completion of project, ensure that all shot finals and plates are copied to the studio library/finals area.

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DFX Supervisor

Category: Other
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

The Digital Effects (DFX) Supervisor ensures throughput of shots towards timely completion, via client’s approval, and maintains a functioning environment where the DFX Supervisor and client can focus on artistic performance without technology hindrance. The DFX Supervisor works with the VFX Supervisor, Producer and Production Manager and is responsible for developing a strong, flexible CG and 2D pipeline. This includes developing, maintaining (or approving) techniques, provide team-building through developing structure, lead artists roles and responsibilities. The DFX Supervisor also works with the Project Coordinator and Producer to facilitate scheduling of artists and resources and works with the VFX Supervisors to provide artistic and technical notes to the team. R&D, following CG elements from concept through final comp and overseeing all elements created by the CG team is also part of this role. The DFX Supervisor may be called upon to work “on the box” as an artist as show size and needs require.

Duties include but are not limited to:

Visual Targets and Quality

Addresses the body of work arriving from scanning. Previews for initial colour correction requirements and initial shot composite requirements.
Monitors shot continuity in all aspects of quality control including final colour correction for timeable delivery.

Team Building

View reels / recommend artists for interview
Attend interviews / interview candidates
Recommend candidates for hiring in consultation with leads

Team Training

ensure leads are fluent with production techniques
Define crew training plans with leads
Oversee training of new team members
One-on-one training with team members
Assist leads where necessary with training

Team Guidance

Facilitate production needs of every team member
Correct and caution team members as necessary
Maintain team morale / provide incentives


Test new techniques and technology as necessary
Help leads and crew develop “one-off” techniques as necessary

Scheduling and Daily Work

Team scheduling and shifts with Production team
Monitors resources, throughout each day, and delegates work priorities based on fluctuations in schedule and shot progress.
Oversees the management of the render farm and resource workload. Monitors render queue and reviews previous night logs for deviances, on a daily basis.
Reviews progress of shots for deliveries, on a daily basis, and approves shots as ready for deliveries when the criteria are met.
Occasionally performs as a Senior Compositor as needed, completing shots towards final and troubleshooting shot related issues.

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VFX Supervisor

Category: VFX Supervisor
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description


The Visual Effects Supervisor is responsible for the design and execution of visual effects work on a given project. This can include both on set supervision for acquisition of plates and elements and supervision of the shot work through post production. In conjunction with the Visual Effects Producer, the Visual Effects Supervisor is responsible for the management and successful completion of the project. The Supervisor’s input will be required for issues such as artist performance and team selection, liaising with the overall project supervisor, producer, or director as required, scheduling of effects production, and estimating/bidding new work. The Visual Effects Supervisor will also play an important role in the sales efforts for new potential projects. This could include script reading and breakdown, project time/budget estimation, attending first contact meetings and conference calls with potential clients and being able to speak definitively and clearly about the studio’s abilities, resources and culture.


? VFX supervision as required (On set / In house through post)
? Maintain creative relations with given clients; establish strong client confidence
? Bid shots, flag overages On set/ through post
? Outline show requirements involving team size, team strengths, & resources
? Outline show pipeline procedure if unique to given show
? Communicate show expectations with VFX artists
? Communicate creative and technical input for shot design & completion with VFX artists while maintaining Director’s vision and working within budget.
? Communicate Director’s feedback
? Supervise VFX artists as needed, in coordination with the VFX Producer for given project
? Oversee all aspects for body of FX shots throughout post from start to finish
? Delegate appropriate tasks to applicable artists
? Monitor shot tracker data
? Update senior management to show status weekly

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Animation Supervisor

Category: Other
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Reporting to the Visual Effects Supervisor, the Animator Supervisor is responsible for leadership and management of the CG team. Design and execution of high level animation for use in final compositing is part of the daily work. The position requires a high degree of technical skill and artistic judgement, as well as managerial skills for providing support, both technical and otherwise for the CG team as required. In addition, the Animation Supervisor serves as a key front-line representative of the company and frequently deals directly with clients in challenging situations. Accordingly, a professional demeanor and diplomacy are important.

Duties include:

· provide ongoing information and feedback to the VFX Supervisor regarding issues in the CG department
· assist in hiring and other HR issues related to the CG department
· ensure proper work flow methodology for all artists
· work with CG software: any or all of Maya, Softimage and Boujou for visual effects intensive projects
· modeling, texturing and surfacing, choreography and lighting, match moving and final rendering of CG elements
· maintain logs, data and work orders as required to efficiently track the status of work
· consult with clients and other artists on the team as required
· attend projects on set to provide technical information as required
· investigate and keep up to date on new and competing software packages and technology

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Category: Human Resources
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Responsibilities include designing and implementing effective recruitment pipeline, establishing strong partnership with the hiring managers, using creative sourcing techniques, and fostering relationships with our candidates to recruit the best talent for the studio. Further responsibilities include liaising with local education institutions for curriculum and internship engagements.


• Partner with the hiring managers to clearly define the hiring requirements and to strategize on recruitment methods
• Use “out-of-box” sourcing strategies to ensure consistent access to pool of talents (i.e.) industry parties, career fairs, etc.
• Establish effective campus recruitment program.
• Foster solid relationships with the candidates, industry colleagues, and past employees
• Manage the recruitment pipeline from screening, interviewing, negotiations, reference checks, and preparing appropriate documents
• Maintain applicant-tracking database
• Liaise with locally identified post-secondary education centers to facilitate the processing of practicum programs and curriculum discussions between them and our studio.
• Keep up to date with immigration requirements to ensure international candidates qualify for entry to Canada
• Manage housing and travel requirements for out of province candidates
• Assist HR projects as required


• Excellent organizational, communication and project management skills
• Experience in high-tech or CG/VFX industry recruiting a requirement.
• High energy with ability to easily build rapport
• Proactive, out-of-box thinker
• Confident in public speaking
• Ability to meet deadlines while handling a fluctuating high pressure/high volume work load
• Solid understanding of the recruitment processes and techniques
• Strong contacts within the VFX/CG industry an asset

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