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Method Studios Recruiting Pipeline TD & Roto Paint Artist

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Pipeline TD

Category: Pipeline Programmer
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description


Reporting to the Head of 3D, the Pipeline Technical Director/Developer will be involved in the creation and ongoing support of a large high-end visual effects pipeline and asset/project management system, as well as Maya or Houdini tools and utilities. This is a service-oriented role and the TD/Developer should have a helpful, patient and accommodating personality.


· Develop and maintain scripts, tools and utilities for Maya and/or Houdini artists.
· Work in and understand the Method proprietary pipeline. Help develop and maintain this pipeline.
· Create, package, and release tools and tool projects using Method proprietary technology.
· Assist artists in technical issues. Help to debug any Maya/Houdini-related or Method pipeline related issues. Help debug rendering and dispatching issues.
· Work as a “triage” TD from time-to-time, acting as the point person for any and all production-related queries to the pipeline department.
· Identify workflow inefficiencies and work with artists and other pipeline teams to build systems to improve these inefficiencies.


· 3+ years of experience as a pipeline TD, experience in a VFX production environment
· Expert knowledge of Maya and/or Houdini
· Strong Python and mel scripting abilities
· Excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills
· Bash/cshell/Linux knowledge
· Knowledge of render queuing software
· Some experience as a Maya and/or Houdini artist
· Good understanding of relational databases and/or SQL
· Experience in code-sharing, revision control
· Experience writing shaders for vray, Renderman, Mantra, Mental Ray or other production renderers an asset
· Undergraduate or Graduate degree in Computing Science a plus
· Knowledge of vray and mantra a plus
· Knowledge of Shotgun or asset management a plus
· Some knowledge of Nuke a plus
· C/C++ abilities a plus

This is a full-time position requiring some overtime.

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Roto Paint Artist

Category: Paint Artist
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

The Roto/Paint Artist is responsible for multiple aspects of plate preparation and creation of elements for use in final composites, as well as for completion of rig removal and paint shots as directed. Responsibilities include reviewing & assessing assigned tasks with the given show lead, reporting progress of work to the coordinator and following up with the compositor requesting the rotoscope mattes, or following up with the compositor or compositing supervisor for paint work. The position requires a high degree of technical skill and artistic judgment.


· Use rotoscope techniques in Nuke or Silhouette to generate mattes and splines.
· Use paint and compositing techniques in Nuke to produce clean plates, remove rigs or other artifacts, etc. This may involve generating pre-comps for use by Compositors, or may require taking shots to completion
· Work with the Paint/Roto leads and project Compositing Supervisor to ensure that all technical and creative standards are met
· Consult with the Compositing Leads and/or Supervisor as well as the other artists on the team as required
· Open to feedback and ensures notes from their Lead or Supervisor are applied
· Maintains a clean working environment as work is often shared with other artists
· other miscellaneous duties as required from time-to-time by their lead or supervisor
· Perform quality control (QC) on shots before they are submitted for review/approval
· If QCing multiple shots for the team: evaluate packages returned from vendors and in-house staff to ensure it meets each production’s required level of detail, and create kickback notes and annotations for work that does not meet the required quality.
· Communicate any delays with leads and production management via e-mail and updating shotgun accordingly.


At least 2 years’ experience working in rotoscoping and paint

· Good working knowledge of Nuke, Silhouette, and RV

Knowledge of live action feature film VFX pipeline
Working knowledge of blue & green screen, roto, mattes and tracking technologies

· High attention to detail
· Dependable and flexible
· Strong organizational skills

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