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Method Studios Recruiting Render Wrangler & Assistant Technical Director

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Render Wrangler


Method Studios is currently in search of a Render Wrangler to join its Technology team.
The Render Wrangler’s duties include monitoring and load-balancing a distributed batch queue, assisting artists with error jobs, and assisting in the day-to-day maintenance of the render farm.

Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor render farm and make sure it is that it is well utilized at all times
Upload/Download items from various transfer sites (ftp, faspex etc)
Ensure that tasks are done to Production’s specifications
Monitor disk space usage
Maintain Studio’s high security standards
Alert various groups to potential issues that are developing


Must be willing to work nights and weekend
Knowledge of basic data i/o
Professional demeanor and basic office skills (ability to answer phones and email)
Experience in Visual Effects (render/PA experience is a plus)
Highly motivated and well organized
Excellent communication skills
Good demeanor maintaining a calm and conservative attitude with clients and Production staff.
Ability to work long hours
Python knowledge and a Computer Science background are required

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Assistant Technical Director

Method Studios is an international visual effects company. We are looking for talented, ambitious individuals to join our team as Assistant Technical Directors (ATD’s) and eventually proceed into full TD or development positions within the company.

Some of the duties as an Assistant Technical Director:

· Work closely with production teams, artists, and supervisors to gather information.
· Diagnose technical issues and address them directly or escalate to the pipeline team.
· Debug problematic scenes in Maya, Houdini, Nuke, and other packages.
· Validate issues of artists and clearly express technical issues that come from artists in a way that is reproducible.

· Develop scripts to optimize various tasks for production.
· Monitor bug reports filed by production.

Job Requirements:

· Programming experience, preferably in Python, C++, MEL, Java.
· BS, BA or Master’s Degree, ideally in a technical field.
· Good interpersonal skills.

Bonus experience:

· Experience in our core applications: Maya, Houdini, Nuke.
· Experience with database programming, either relational or NoSQL.
· Familiarity with Unix operating systems.
· High level of technical aptitude.
· Web programming experience using JavaScript or PHP

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