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Method Studios Recruiting Technical Animators, Senior Animators & Houdini FX TD

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Technical Animators (cloth, hair, fur)

Category: Animator
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Method Studios Vancouver is looking for technical animators specializing in cloth, hair, and fur, to join us on current feature film projects.

The role of the Technical Animator is designing, simulating and delivering elements in shots that involve cloth, hair or other specialist technology. Working under the direction of the CG Supervisor the Technical Animator collaborates with other 3D Leads including Layout, Animation, Modeling, Rigging and any other appropriate discipline.

Duties and responsibilities

Work with Model department to ensure geometry being simulated meets Technical Animation needs
Work with Rigging and/or Layout department to ensure geometry or rigs delivered to Technical Animation meets needs
Apply and simulate clothing, hair or other areas requiring technical animation.
Analyze and fix any initial problems found and resimulate as needed.
Fix geometry on character animation on a shot basis using our in-house tool set
Deliver simulated geometry to the production pipeline for further processing.
Ensure that geometry delivered to production pipeline meets each department’s needs
Develop techniques to ensure the requested animated geometry will integrate into a photorealistic environment.
Respond quickly to notes from the VFX/DFX or CG Supervisor(s) before or during dailies to ensure best possible quality is maintained.
Optimize simulations to ensure best throughput including automating pinning of geometry etc.
Other duties as appropriate to the role and determined by supervisors


Good working knowledge in a production environment with Maya.
Houdini knowledge a plus
Good working knowledge of hair, fur, and cloth simulation software such as Yeti, Shave & a Haircut, and nCloth
Good working knowledge of rigging on live action feature film or television productions
Good understanding of sculpting geometry
Character animation experience on live action feature film or television productions
Excellent problem solving and communication skills
Excellent interpersonal skills with an emphasis on inspired leadership
Tracking experience is desireable
A strong sense of self-motivation and ability to work with little supervision
Linux scripting experience, especially in Bash/Python is desirable

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Senior Animators

Category: Animator
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Reporting to the Animation Supervisor, the Senior Animator is responsible for hands on operation of the CG workstation as well as additional leadership and management of the CG team. Design and execution of high level animation for use in final compositing is part of the daily work. The position requires a high degree of technical skill and artistic judgement, as well as managerial skills for providing support, both technical and otherwise for the CG team as required. In addition, the Senior Animator serves as a key front-line representative of the company and frequently deals directly with clients in challenging situations. Accordingly, a professional demeanor and diplomacy are important.

Duties include:

Provide ongoing information and feedback to the Animation Supervisor regarding issues in the CG department
Assist in hiring and other HR issues related to the CG department
Ensure proper work flow methodology for all artists
Work with CG software: any or all of Maya, Softimage and Boujou for visual effects intensive projects
Modeling, texturing and surfacing, choreography and lighting, match moving and final rendering of CG elements
Maintain logs, data and work orders as required to efficiently track the status of work
Consult with clients and other artists on the team as required
Attend projects on set to provide technical information as required
Investigate and keep up to date on new and competing software packages and technology
Other miscellaneous duties as required from time-to-time by the Managing Director of Visual Effects


Minimum 5+ years of experience in character and creature animation
Experience in live action animation (television or film) preferred
Good working knowledge in Maya required
Additional animation software experience in other animation software an asset, especially in Houdini, XSI, and MotionBuilder
Knowledge of rigging is an asset
Knowledge of Nuke is an asset
Knowledge of Shotgun is an asset
Knowledge of scripting (MEL, python) is an asset
Working knowledge of motion capture is an asset

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Houdini FX TD – Senior/Lead

Category: FX TD
Company: Method Studios Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description


– Design, create, and implement photo-real effects (water, dust, fire, smoke, explosions, debris, clouds, etc.) and systems that meet all technical and aesthetic standards for the project
– Work within the show structure and production deadlines to complete all tasks
– Integrate created elements into scenes with lighting, shadows, reflections, etc.
– Provide full spec for tool before development if spec not provided
– Document all developed technology
– Maintain a methodically clear system of data storage and retrieval
– Balancing the creative needs and the technical resources available
– Report regularly to the FX lead, VFX Supervisor and/or DFX Supervsior informing him/her of any concerns or new developments
– Follow the creative direction of the production communicated by the VFX Supervisor
– Ability to work in a dynamic team environment.
– Ability to work under tight deadlines
– Stays current with latest technologies


– MINIMUM 5+ years for seniors; leads must have lead experience on feature film projects
– Degree in Animation, Arts, Fine Arts or equivalent production experience in feature film
– Strong knowledge of and proven ability to use Houdini to develop photo-real dynamics-based effects
– Experience with rigid body and particle dynamics, volume modeling and rendering, procedural geometry generation and fluid dynamics an asset
– Demonstrable ability to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas
– Able to take directions and adaptable to change
– Good at improvising and problem-solving
– Requires strong technical knowledge and organizational skills
– Familiarity with one or more coding/scripting languages an asset (e.g. Python, Mel)

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