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Modus FX Recruiting Senior Animator

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Senior Animator (XSI)

Category: Animator
Company: Modus FX
Location: Montreal (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description
Type of employment

Full time
Immediate supervisor

Lead animator

General description

The incumbent is responsible for creating, designing and developing a variety of animation sequences. He must do the animation of characters, creatures, vehicles or objects so as to make everything very stylized and personalized. He may have to do traditional animation or photo-real.

Requirements, prerequisites and assets. The candidate:

Must have a relevant college degree in visual art or 3D animation;
Must have six (6) months to five (5) years experience in a related field (for junior to senior positions);
Has a very good knowledge of the following software: XSI and Maya;
Has a very good knowledge of animation techniques related to movement, volume, emotions, etc.;
Has a good knowledge of English or French spoken and written;

Principal responsibilities

Take notice of the nature of the project before it begins;
Find the best ways of achieving the animations to be developed;
Research for techniques and references in animation;
Do different trials to find the style of animation desired;
Verify and do trials on the rigs obtained;
Exchange and decide with his immediate supervisor on the final result to obtain;
Assess and inform his superior on technical difficulties and needs anticipated for the implementation of the animations;
Create and develop shots, elements and models that will be used for the project;
Perform all animations required including necessary details to ensure the realism of the project;
Animate characters, creatures, vehicles and objects according to the parameters obtained;
Respect the coherence and compliance of the animation from one shot to another;
Integrate its sequence within the set work of animation done;
Express an idea or an image coming from the storyboard through animation movements;
Organize, manage and keep an update on the animation files created;
Organize and manage the databases of animation references, editing, tools and accessories created;
Work in order to optimize the techniques currently used;
Inform his lead of the work progress;
Publish approved elements in full compliance;
Deliver the shots;
Participate in daily meetings;
Make requested corrections to shots;
Render all shots done and check the rendering work;
Perform other relevant tasks as assigned required by management.

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Modus FX Recruiting Senior Animator, Modus FX, Modus FX hiring, jobs, vfx jobs, cg jobs,Modus FX Montreal, 3d, cgi, fx