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Mr. X Inc Recruiting Creature FX Artist, Animation Department Manager & 3D Animator

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Creature FX Artist

Job Description

Building On Our Production Workflows, The Creature Fx Artist, Working Under The Direction Of The Creature Cg Supervisor, Will Develop And Design Convincing Performance, Look And Movement Through A Wide Variety Of High Quality Cloth, Hair And Rbd Simulations. Our Cfx Artists Are A Balance Of Technical And Creative Who Are Engaged From Solution Inception Through To Sims To Finaling.

Work Closely With Cg Supervisors To Develop Best Approaches For Technical Challenges Associated With Creature Simulations.
Collaborate With Assets, Rigging, And Animation Teams To Create Efficient Physically-based Simulations.
Help Develop Tools And Maintain Best Practices Associated With Character Simulation.
Help Develop And Support Character Motion And Deformation Systems; Secondary Dynamics Systems.
Perform Tasks Such As Finaling, Cloth Setup, Cloth Sims, Hair Setup, Hair Sims And Various Rbd Setups And Sims.
Work With Production Management To Prioritize Tasks.
Lead By Example, Foster A Good Working Atmosphere And Ethics.


Knowledge of Maya (Houdini would be a bonus) .
Knowledge of cloth and hair solvers e.g. Maya’s Nucleus, Xgen, (Yeti and Houdini’s WireSolver would be a bonus).
Knowledge of Ziva Dynamics would be a bonus.
Knowledge of Python and Mel (C++ would be a bonus).
Strong understanding of both Facial and Figure Anatomy – biped and quadruped.
General understanding of physics and mathematics.
Preferably 1+ years experience in a VFX environment.
Previous education or experience with Rigging and Modeling is welcome.

If you are passionate about Creature FX, apply now. All levels are welcome!

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Animation Department Manager

Mr X’s artists work together in departments reflecting their skill sets and are managed jointly by the Operations Manager and various Department Managers. The Animation Department Manager oversees the tightly knit skill sets of Tracking, Rigging, Animation, CFX and Crowds.
The Animation Department Manager is primarily responsible for developing, managing and retaining the best artists for our film teams; for ensuring that VFX projects are fully and appropriately crewed; and for managing departmental processes, communication and reporting.

The Animation Department Manager works closely with their creative counterpart – the Animation Director – to oversee the artist teams. This production role involves close relationships with the other Department Managers, the Operations Manager, project producers, HR and all supervisors.


Your primary focus is to develop and maintain a highly motivated and happy team.

People leadership skills: Motivate, inspire, mentor, care for crew, implement and champion continuous improvements; maintain calm, defuse conflict; ensure artists feel heard and act as first point of contact on contractual matters, career development, cultural fit and any training needs; keep morale high by organizing social and team building events.

People management skills: conduct performance reviews, delivering effective feedback and constructive criticism; plan seating; spearhead training material creation to improve processes and efficiency and follow through on artist training/development needs and assist with learning as appropriate; work with the Operations Manager and HR to handle disciplinary issues; engage in contract negotiations and maintain compensation parity within our teams.

Organizational skills: ensure teams are well balanced in terms of expertise, experience and value; plan for future development and recruitment; train and organize new hires as to be work ready asap; formulate project coverage plans for artist absences; anticipate in long term planning with Production to create appropriate staffing plans.

Skills Required:

Exceptional people and leadership skills;
Confident clear communicator;
Strong active listener;
High achievement in managing creative talent in a fast paced delivery driven production environment;
Demonstrated flexibility and professionalism in managing large teams;
Experience in contract and salary management;
Excellent organizational and negotiation skills.


College or University Degree in a related field and/or equivalent experience;
VFX industry and-or project management experience is an asset;
At least 3 years’ experience in people management;
Working knowledge of Shotgun (software).

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3D Animator

Animators Wanted…

Mr. X Inc. Is On The Lookout For Enthusiastic Animators That Are Passionate About Producing Hyper-realistic Vfx Animation. We Love The Work We Do And Always Strive To Exceed Client Expectations.
From Creatures To Crashes, Our Effects Animation Work On Feature Film And High Concept Tv Spans The Spectrum From Design Through Final Animation.


Leveraging Our Production Workflow, The Animator, Working Under The Direction Of The Animation Lead, Will Develop Performance And Movement For Creatures, Objects And Characters In Live Action Film And Television Productions.

Create Natural, Realistic, Polished Motion Using Maya.
Creatively Enhance Shots And Push Animation Performance.
Engage With Every Stage Of Production Including Generating Original Concepts And Designs, Pre-visualization Of Complicated Sequences And Research And Development.
Proactively Recognize Problems And Troubleshoot Solutions.
Meet Deadlines.


Minimum 3 years experience creating convincing performance and motion for live action feature film and/or television series.
Strong sense of camera work and framing for full cg or previs sequences.
Possess solid proficiency animating in Maya.
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of all aspects of animation, including rigging.
Must be detail oriented, organized, have good communication skills, and be able to independently handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.

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