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Mr. X Inc Recruiting CG Supervisor, 3D Generalist, FX Artist, Lighting Artist, Compositor, Senior Modeling/Texture Artist & Rigger

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CG Supervisor



– Creating 3D imagery and animated content for television commercials and digital projects
– Produce flawless and photoreal 3D imagery
– Drive creative 3D concepts with the rest of our team through good communication, planning, concepts/sketches, etc.
– Complete high quality work, on time and to specification
– Breaking-down and quoting on complex VFX projects
– Attending shoots and supervising VFX requirements on-set
– Attending client meetings from initial pitches and concepts, through to project completion
– Nurturing junior talent within the 3D department including helping with technical and creative problems and passing on knowledge when necessary

Skills & Experienced:

– At least 5 years’ experience in the production of high-end 3D VFX
– Good teamwork and excellent communication skills, within the VFX team and with Producers, Director and clients
– Knowledge of advanced 3D modelling, rendering, animation, texturing, lighting, shading, effects and rigging
– Expert level Maya and/or Houdini
– Advanced rendering skills with a clean, modern aesthetics (Arnold/Mental Ray)
– Familiarity with pipeline issues and a typical post production environment
– Expertise in general compositing principles (Nuke)
– Strong aesthetic sensibility, good use of colour, clean typography etc
– A knack for visual exploration of abstract concepts
– Very creative and design oriented
– Self-motivated problem solver
– Additional experience in broadcast or feature films production is benefit

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3D Generalist

Mr. X – Montreal is on the lookout for enthusiastic 3D Generalists that are passionate about producing hyper-realistic VFX animation. We love the work we do and always strive to exceed client expectations.
From creatures to crashes, our effects animation work on feature film and high concept TV spans the spectrum from design through final animation.


As a seasoned VFX professional and leveraging our production workflow, the 3D Generalist, working under the VFX Supervisor and Leads, will display proficiency across a wide spectrum from modeling to rendering for live action film and television productions.

Ability to execute a broad range of VFX tasks including modeling, texturing, shading, rigging, animating, lighting and rendering.
Apply a solid knowledge of 3D principals to creatively enhance shots and push performance.
Engage with every stage of production including generating original concepts and designs, pre-visualization of complicated sequences, workflow breakdowns and shot support.
Proactively recognize problems and troubleshoot solutions.
Able to meet deadlines.


Minimum 3 years experience creating convincing shots for live action feature film and/or television series.
Experienced in various aspects of shot production including modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, and compositing.
Is considered an expert Maya user.
Has strong working knowledge of Photoshop, Zbrush, Mari, Nuke, and Houdini
Experienced with various render engines, including Vray and Mantra
Demonstrates a thorough understanding of VFX principals, and is capable of shot production from start to finish.
Must be detail oriented, organized, have good communication skills, and be able to independently handle a variety of tasks in an efficient manner.

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FX Artist

Job Description

Work closely with VFX Supervisors and Leads to determine best approach to solve effects challenges and develop final look in shot development
Work with other TDs, art directors and designers to create photo-real effects and physically accurate simulations
Accurately interpret concept art and design from the Art Department
Use and understand 3D / 2D applications such as Houdini, Maya, and Nuke
Provide input regarding tools and interfaces to improve throughput
Producing a final overall look that far exceeds client expectations.


Feature film production experience working with Houdini and/or Maya
Experience with RealFlow, FumeFX, and Naiad a plus
Experience lighting and rendering with Mantra, Renderman, and V-Ray a plus
Ability to script in Python and Hscript. C++ and HDK and plus
Ability to quickly master proprietary effects tools and pipeline tools
Ability to design, self-direct, and organize your work
Strong communication skills and must be able to work well within a team
Exercise a high level of focus and skill in a fast-paced production environment
Ability to perform visual and analytical problem-solving
Strong demo reel and/or portfolio in realistic effects animation, lighting, arts or engineering.

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Lighting Artist

Job Description

Responsible for final 3D scene assembly and rendering of elements required to complete visual effects shots,
Engaging at every stage of production including pre-visualization of complicated sequences, look development, and research and development,
Optimize and troubleshoot lighting and rendering problems in a fast paced environment,
Working closely with CG Supervisors to determine best approach to solve 3D challenges and develop final look,
Will work closely with compositors to finish selected shots so that computer generated elements are seamlessly integrated with live-action plates.


Experience with Maya and/or Houdini as well as a firm understanding of film production / post production techniques in a production environment,
Intermediate-level compositing experience (Nuke),
Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks,
Ability to manage personal as well as team milestones and deadlines,
Strong communication skills are critical. Candidate must be able to work within a team, taking direction and exercising attention to detail in a fast-paced production environment,
Experience with V-Ray and/or Mantra a plus,
Experience with Texture Painting or Look Development a plus,
Experience with 3D modeling/texturing a plus,
At least 3 years of experience lighting for Feature Films.

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Working closely with Compositing Supervisor to determine best approach to solve compositing challenges and develop final look,
Performing tasks such as tracking, matte extraction, colour correction, paint fixes, roto and assembly of live action and 3D elements,
Producing a final overall look that far exceeds client expectations.


Must have at least two years experience in compositing digital visual effects for feature film,
Must have thorough knowledge and ability to use the tools that produce Digital Composites such as NUKE, Fusion, Flame and Photoshop,
Must present a show reel highlighting candidate’s eye for colour, lighting, attention to detail and composition,
The candidate must have the ability to work autonomously and meet deadlines,
Strong communication skills are critical,
Candidate must be able to work within a team environment,
Stereo and/or on-set production experience is desirable.
Some post-secondary education in related discipline would be considered an asset.

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Senior Modeling/Texture Artist

We are currently looking for a Modeling/Texture Artist.


3D Modeling and Texturing for feature films, using a wide range of reference material,
Work very closely with the shader writers, look development artists and the riggers to generate organic or rigid object models that are suitable for feature film work,
Creating textures for CG Assets
With guidance from CG Supervisors, helping to determine the best approach to solve 3D challenges and develop final look.


Strong spatial awareness and a good sense of form, scale and proportion, and a keen eye for detail,
A full working knowledge of modeling in Maya is required,
Ability to deliver a model with clean topology and strong UV layout skills for texturing,
Ability to work with Z-brush and/or Mudbox
A full working knowledge of Photoshop basics
Mari Experience preferred
Knowledge of Houdini would be an advantage,
Knowledge of Linux would be an advantage,
3+ years of experience Modeling for Feature Films is required.
Comprehensive knowledge of lighting techniques is an advantage

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Design and create animator friendly rigs
Collaborate with animators to design motion controls
Write utility scripts or tools to streamline the rigging process
Work with Modeling to create a model that meets technical needs
Work with R&D to design, debug and evaluate new tools
Develop and maintain character motion and deformation systems
Develop new techniques and processes to solve character production challenges
Communicate information about new tools and techniques to others, writing wiki pages when required
Work with production management to prioritize tasks
Keep supervisors informed of progress, changes, roadblocks and other critical issues


3 years professional experience rigging characters for animation
Previous experience with character rigging in Maya
Ncloth and Maya Muscle knowledge a desired skill
Excellent MEL and/or Python scripting capabilities.
Other 3d packages (Blender. Houdini or 3dsMax) knowledge a plus
Training in visual arts and understanding of form, geometry and movement
Knowledge of academics such as linear algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus and differential geometry
Knowledge in programming and software development skills
Linux experience desired
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Ability to function well in a team environment and be detail oriented

How to Apply

To apply please visit

We thank all applicants but we will only contact those candidates who will be moving forward in the recruitment process.
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