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Mr. X Inc Recruiting VFX Producer, Senior Pipeline TD & Matchmover/Tracking Artist

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VFX Producer

Mr. X is looking for a highly motivated VFX Producer to join the NYC team.


Working as part of the film production team to implement viable digital production/vfx solutions for feature films and high concept TV shows
Build and maintain professional relationships with clients
Develop, implement, and oversee project plans and delivery schedules to ensure both internal and client deadlines are met
Lead weekly production resourcing meetings
Anticipate artist and production bottlenecks before they happen
Propose new and efficient ways to improve production workflow at Mr. X
Overseeing turnovers, outputs and client deliveries – ensuring the highest level of quality control
Research digital and live action production methodologies during the bidding stages of feature film and television productions
Develop new business from local and alternative feature film markets
Work closely with the VFX Supervisor to create accurate bids & change orders
Help design and implement annual Mr. X marketing strategy
Communicate with producers, coordinators, creative and technical leads regarding directives and production requirements of specific projects
Make strategic recommendations relating to staffing, company workflow and procedures as well as overall company direction.

Skills Required:

A passion for film – a keen interest in the business of film making and working within a team;
Exceptional people skills;
Strong attention to detail, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, willingness and ability to learn new skills & technologies;
Strong time-management skills, the ability to prioritize workload combined with a sense of urgency, work well under pressure and meet multiple critical deadlines daily;
Must have strong planning and organizational skills; be confident and enthusiastic when communicating in person and/or over the phone; and enjoys working in a fast-paced creative team environment;
Must have exceptional communication skills (both written and verbal), as well as active listening skills
A pro-active nature with a strong display of “Can do”, and “No job is too small or too big” attitude;
Technical proficiency in Windows operating system


Must have at least 3-5 years experience in feature films as a visual effects producer
Must have thorough knowledge and ability to use MS Office, Shotgun, FileMaker and to learn proprietary studio tools quickly and effectively.
The candidate must have the ability to work autonomously and meet deadlines
Strong communication and interpersonal skills are critical
Candidate must be able to lead and work within a team environment
3D and/or on-set production experience is a must.
All applicants must include a cover letter and resume with their application.

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Senior Pipeline TD

Job Description

Work with our head of CG and supervisors to build and maintain pipeline tools, techniques and procedures to support current projects and advance the capabilities of the facility for the future.
Come up with elegant solutions and tools to speed up workflows, alleviate bottlenecks and facilitate production.
Candidates will be required to contribute to their area of specialty (FX, Lighting, etc.) and overall back end development.
Looking for someone who is motivated, proactive and self-starting. This is both a creative and technical position.


At least 5 years of development experience, preferably in a production environment.
A firm grasp of python, MEL, Qt, Pyside, HTML/Javascript, Git Required. Knowledge of C and C++ is a plus.
A solid grasp of shotgun application dev, along with developing tools for Maya, Houdini, Arnold, Vray, Mantra, RV, Nuke, Qt UI design, video/image/audio formats/compression and networking.
Experience working with the following frameworks: sqlalchemy, quicktime, opengl and opencl.
Experience with the following tools: virtualenv, apache, postgresql, alembic and compilers
Must be a problem solver with good communication skills who can bring new ideas and solutions to the table.

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Matchmover/Tracking Artist

Specializing in feature film visual effects and animation for international and local producers, Toronto based digital studio, Mr. X Inc. is comprised of a unique and gifted team of artists, filmmakers and programmers devoted to the art, craft and technology of visual storytelling.


Mr. X inc. is on the lookout for enthusiastic trackers that are passionate about producing hyper-realistic VFX animation. We love the work we do and always strive to exceed client expectations.
From preVis to camera extensions, our tracking and layout work on feature film and high concept TV spans the spectrum from design through final camera and layouts.


Leveraging our production workflow, the Tracker/Layout artist, working under the direction of the Tracking/Layout Lead, will create, solve or extend camera motion, assist in pre and post visualisation, and perform complex layout and matchmoving tasks in live action film and high concept television productions.


-Camera tasks – recreating (solving) or creating the movement of a mono or stereo live-action camera in 3D.
-Using the measurements and pictures of the live-action set, camera information, distortion grids, and scaling reference of characters and objects to recreate a virtual set in 3D.
-Scene layout in Maya.
-Matchmoving rigid and non-rigid objects on moving elements in the plate.
-Removing lens distortion from the plates to aid in the solving of tracks.


-Expert knowledge of 3Dequalizer (knowledge of PFTrack a plus).
-Thorough knowledge and experience with Maya.
-Working knowledge of Nuke.
-On set production experience is desirable.
-Previous stereoscopic film production experience a plus
-Knowledge of a tracking software’s scripting language is a plus.
-Meticulous attention to detail with a great eye for camera motion and composition.
-Must work well under pressure for potentially short turnaround deadlines.
-Able to take direction and feedback well from a lead or supervisor.
-A minimum of two years of feature film experience required.

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