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Nordeus Recruiting Senior Character Artist & VFX Artist

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Senior Character Artist



As a Senior Character Artist in Nordeus, you will work on shaping our upcoming 3D game. You will be using the latest in multi­platform and Unity tech, as well as producing high quality models and textures — all with a focus on creating realistic and stylized people and creatures.

What you will be doing:

Creating 3D models using Maya and ZBrush
Supporting the whole character producing process in the team (creating models, textures and surfaces)
Ensuring that character meshes are suitable for animation
Being responsible for the quality of models and working with the game’s Art
Director to achieve the desired quality, while finishing tasks on time
Understanding and applying good working practices with regard to geometry resolutions, modelling for deformation (animation) and modelling for texture placement
Optimising existing 3D models to fit within the specification and producing multiple levels of detail — from low polygon through to high resolution models while maintaining the highest visual quality possible
Brainstorming with your team to achieve creative concepts and original designs
Mentoring and coaching other team members
Collaborating with teams across the entire company

What you should have:

Senior level artists within Nordeus are expected to deliver and take on a higher level of autonomous responsibility for the creation, delivery and quality level of art within their teams. For this reason, we would expect you to have:

3+ years of experience as a Character artist in the games industry
Excellent skills in creating 3D character models using Maya
Strong understanding of anatomy that informs and guides all modelling, texturing and concepting
Superb knowledge of modeling 3D assets (from low to high­poly) and retopology
Proficient in organic modeling
Ability to build meshes that deform well when animated
Strong foundational skills of visual design principles (light, value, color, flow, form, shape, & composition)


Excellent traditional art skills
Character concepting skills
Understanding of art pipelines when working between Maya and ZBrush
Ability to apply rules of real human and animal anatomy in creating plausible fantasy characters with a believable anatomy
Animation and rigging skills
Experience with the Unity game engine
If you imagine this being something you would enjoy doing, let’s make it happen! Send us your up­-to-­date CV, portfolio and cover letter explaining why you believe we are a match.

Portfolio Guidelines:

So that our Art Department can best assess your skills and ability, we would love to see your latest portfolio that best communicates your knowledge of the human anatomy. To help you decide what to include, here are little hints of what we will be looking out for. We are keen to see:

Life drawings and digital models
Turntables (with the visible mesh as part of this) and budgets
High and low poly (game ready) models that include texture sheets with UV layouts and, rather than just head or kit parts, we’d love to see full body characters
Concept sketches, photos, designs or any other references that communicates the original idea on which your model was based
Your ability to get your assets in game

Apply here:-

VFX Artist



If so, we are looking for someone to help us shape the direction of our new game within a small independent team. Let’s make best-in-class mobile games together.
The VFX Artist in Nordeus will be responsible for creation, implementation, and systems spec for all effects components in the game. They will need to collaborate closely with engineering, design, and the other art disciplines to develop outstanding visual effects.

What will you do:

Working closely with Designers and Engineers to create handcrafted in-game visual effects to be used for real-time game assets and environments
Ownership and interaction with programmers and technical art to develop, enhance, and maintain VFX systems
Establish particle effects, post effects, and lighting effects
Technical setup, integration, and troubleshooting of VFX in a real-time game engine
Serve as an active participant in team art discussions, critiques and reviews

What you should have:

At least 1 published game as an FX Artist on PC, mobile or console platform
2+ years of experience as a professional FX Artist for game development
Able to paint special FX textures from scratch matching and established style
Proficient with 3D graphics, particle systems, physics, ribbons, shaders, etc.
Extensive knowledge and proficiency with Unity VFX Middleware
Solving technical issues that arise with new tools or game performance
Solid understanding of FX authoring process, limitations and dependencies
If your passion is aligned with ours feel free to make the first step. Send us your up-to-date CV, portfolio and cover letter that explains why you believe we are a match.

Apply here:
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